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It's a great game with an incredibly unique art-style and it plays great. Totally worth the price.

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Neogaf is down. I'm back fellas. What's up, lol at the spell change

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Damn. Well that sucks :/ I wonder if load times will be longer if the play disc is uninstalled

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Yeah, it was Still Alive but remixed

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@zeik said:

@immortalsaiyan said:

I hope this one is note worthy for more than it's music.

The original game was noteworthy for its music? I don't even remember the music, I just remember the running. (And then the less running and too much guns near the end.)

Yeah, Solar Fields did the score for it. One of better soundtracks to accompany a game.

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She never had those type of shoes.

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I am quite fond of an Old Fashioned. It goes with steak fantastically.


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Fifth Element because I feel like I can go back to that and appreciate it like new again.

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Drew, Just look at that stud

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ME1: Bring Down the Sky

ME2: Everything except Normandy Crash Site and the small hammerhead dlc

ME3: All

Omega is the weakest of ME3 dlc but it is still really cool if you're interested in that world from the second game.