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sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but why hasn't this podcast been officially released? 

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Count Pickles

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it's probably Fallout 3

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there better be a good, long quick look when Blad posts his review. The crappy "quick look" that their doing on GameTrailers right now lacks all the charm and pathos of a Giant Bomb quick look.

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wow, that's actually pretty cool. I was also reading somewhere on the forums here that this game isn't exactly a remake but a kind of continuation of Silent Hill 1 for the Ps1. I haven't played that game but apparently there's also a father named Harry looking for his daughter named Cheryl in Silent Hill in the first game. The person's comments, that I was reading, said that maybe in Shattered Memories, Cheryl, all grown up now, is actually remembering the events of Silent Hill 1. If that's true, that is pretty fucking awesome. 

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surely, I was referring to the act of peeling in the most figurative sense. Otherwise, I would be referring to something that doesn't really make any sense and that would probably be illegal or disproportionately amoral.
...but your point is well noted.

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yeah, if you were to peel all the layers of Jeff, what would remain is a taut comedian.

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yeah, fuck off

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I hate when people pronounce it "blas-F-eeeeeeee-mer", it's pronounced " Blas-f-mer"