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@brendan: Asking "Hey what does the job entail?" is a bit different from "What do these guys do that they can't be in QLs don't they know they're losing access to one of the site's personalities?"

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I think you really do mean well, but asking a question like this is never really appropriate. While I don't know the exact answers as to what tasks each person on the crew is assigned, I feel it's safe to assume that most of their time is spent on administrative and behind-the-scenes tasks. Setting up E3 meetings, working with PR contacts to acquire games for videos, negotiating how much can actually be shown, editing the written articles...plus, you breezed by the fact that the podcast is often 3+ hours long.

And hey, Patrick is not going to stop making content. Encyclopedia Bombasticas and Spookin' With Scoops will still happen, and he's promising more investigative news stories.

I don't blame you for not having a subscription -- I really don't have a lot of expendable cash either. I just think your post is a bit inappropriate. Getting the content together and running the site takes a hell of a lot of work.