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@Ben_H said:
" Idra said Losira is basically an even more macro focused version of him.  Losira will soon be like Nestea mk.II if he keeps improving. "
 Nestea said Losira was the kind of player who you'd show one thing, and he'd learn 10 new things. He's growing really quickly. Hopefully he makes it far in this GSL!
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Idra is really really talented. He currently has a 78% win rate, playing a zerg which is pretty wild (Terrans tend to be the most stable players generally). He also has a really great understanding of the game, which I appreciate.

Nestea is really great as well, just look at his records to prove that. He's really the most stable zerg around, and his ZvZ is really great (Only losing to Dimaga ever)

Dimaga is really underrated. In a recent interview with Nestea, he stated that he felt something from Dimaga that he had never felt from any Korean zerg. Thats a huge compliment to how good the guy is. He also has a 84.5% win rate on the EU ladder, which is considered harder than the NA ladder.

Losira is a really great up and coming zerg. He has great strategies and his own unique style, and he's getting tons of success. 

July is really good, even though he got stomped by MC recently in the GSL finals (which speaks more to the state of PvZ and how good MC is right now, than Julys skill). His drone timing is really amazing, and his all out aggression can be crazy to watch. He does need a bit of tuning though (like constantly dropping banelings on mech and such) but he's improving greatly and he's a top player. 

Those would be my top 5 zerg players, in no particular order. 
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Hey guys, I can teach basics of any race, but zerg/protoss are my two real strengths. Add me!

Name: Daniel
Code: 1470
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Im a Plat Zerg, but I think I might be diamond level I just have too much ladder anxiety :P 

Name: Daniel
Code: 1470

Look forward to seeing you on battle.net!
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Thors backed up by SCVs can be a real pain, although a sizeable force of roaches should out dps them. I wish Blizzard would change the unit attacking to kill repairing units, as it makes things like PFs really hard to kill. 
But as for terran mech, Ultras + Roaches + Zerglings is the way to go. Toss in a few mutalisks to snipe some tanks. Ultras have pretty terrible AI, but their ability to soak up damage is amazing. Roaches are incredible for the cost now, and become even better if youre getting upgrades, and zerglings are just there to use up the remaining minerals, and surround the enemy as mech is incredibly slow. 
Make sure youre getting upgrades though, thats the best advice I can give you as a zerg player. They really pay off. For example a tank in siege mode does 35 damage with a blast radius. Zerglings have 35hp. With 1 armor, no zerglings would die from 1 tank hit. Thats a big payoff.

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@tankintheair i agree with every single one of your points, great post. Protoss air is pretty terrible, to the point where as zerg i dont bother getting anti air when i play protoss. If they have a ton of phoenixes to try and kill my overlords, chances are that their ground army is garbage to i just go crush them right there. Void rays are so easy to kill with even queens, and if someone gets carriers, huge props to them because theyre pretty useless in sc2. 
Protoss really need a new unit. I bet theyre praying for one when the next expansion comes out. Although the ability to warp in immortals would be pretty sweet :D

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Terran require the most micro? Are you serious? Terran can have their entire army on like 2 control groups. A typical zerg army will probably use 4 or even 5 control groups (something like lings, blings, mutas, infestor, etc). Protoss by far require the most micro though, as a unit like the colossus will die in a second if somebody has bad control. Then you have blink micro, forcefields, etc. Running in and hitting "t" to stim and them moving back and stopping every second isnt really that hard.
Currently I feel Protoss are really weak, especially against terran. I find their late game is terrible, especially against terran, because a medivac drop can wipe out nexuses way too easily, while terrans have PFs to protect their other expansions (which are really really hard to kill). It doesnt matter how good psi storms are, the fact is that if youre 3 bases behind terran as protoss, youre going to lose. Protoss armies are extremely slow, and covering more than 2 bases can be extremely difficult, unlike zerg who are extremely speedy and can at least kill drops off. Protoss are pretty much forced to put down 10 cannons to defend a base (which is like a 1500 investment, which the terran can get 30 marines for). 
I feel really bad for protoss. Look how underrepresented they are in the GSL this season. Terran have had 3/4 semifinals for both seasons so far. And thats even after theyve been nerfed to hell.

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As for Zerg, I find them incredibly fun to play. Im not very good yet, but theres a couple of really fun tricks they have up their sleve (burrowed banelings, baneling bombs, burrowed roaches, INFESTORS, etc). I definitely enjoy them a lot more than other races. I started playing as protoss though, and would 4 gate the hell out of everyone, and transitioning to zerg is a bit of a jump, but its really worth it imo. 

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Sixghost destroyed me last night ;( 
But OT, I think Protoss are severely lacking in the late game. I feel out of any of the races, protoss players are probably dying for the next expansion to come out so maybe they can get a new unit or two, because they desperately need it. Its almost like the original SC where Terran didnt have medics until Brood War came out. 
You just have to look at the gsl qualifiers to see that protoss is hurting, as they are so underrepresented its pretty sad. I watch tons of pro starcraft footage on youtube, and I've seen Protoss throw away 50 food leads to terran players dozens of times, which imo should never really happen unless youve made a huge mistake in the game.  Another problem with protoss is that expanding is a huge problem for them. While terran have the PF which is basically invincible to ground attacks (which is a bit ridiculous), Protoss have nothing to protect their expansions, except a highly immobile army. Terran can drop around and really put the hurt on protoss. Its weird because Terran are so cost efficient, while protoss really need a lot of resources to produce units, and yet terran have such an easier time expanding.
It remains a problem for Blizzard to sort out though, as in low level play (plat and lower) Protoss actually have the highest winning percentage of all the races. Yet on the the higher ups, Protoss have quite a lot of problems.

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Idra got sanctions against him in several different leagues, so he's cut back a lot on his cheeky comments recently. I actually really like watching IdrA games, because as a zerg player it gives me something to look to emulate. He's just a really great macro player, and I imagine now that terran harass and extreme turtling has been toned down, he'll be a lot stronger player.