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Community for this game is pretty meh, in case you have not heard.  ;)

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Ryan is indeed an asshole.

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@Mmmslash:  Can a sad panda be any sadder?  :(  I did read that they're bringing some free co-op DLC in June but... that is June.  :-\  Thanks again for the info, even though it is heartbreaking. 
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@Mmmslash said:
" @DaoJones:  You can't. Also, there isn't all that much to do in the Free-Roam, and the world is a little on the empty side. "
I am now a sad panda.  Thanks for the info.  Now I won't get let down when I start my posse up and find out the only thing we can do is sit around a campfire.
You can do that in free room, right?
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@Brad said:
" I'm going good guy all the way, partly because I can't help playing a boy scout in every game with a good/evil dichotomy but also in this case because it seems to better fit Marston's reformed-outlaw persona. The game world is rich enough that you want to sort of roleplay as a believable character within it. "
Agreed.  Ever since Fable 2, I started playing "bad guy" first.  Was going to in this game, but Marston's story is making me go "good guy".  Kudos to Rockstar for making me actually feel for the character and not just mindlessly kill for the hell of it.
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I would love to, but I work retail, so my schedule is everywhere.  Anyone want to posse up to do it late night (EST), send Dao Jones (XBL) a message.  :)

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@Jimbo said:

" The side activities seem really well executed this time around (compared to GTA 4).  Played some horseshoes, liar's dice and poker, and had fun with all of them. "

Which reminds me.  In GTA 4, you could not play the mini-games in multiplayer.  Can you in Redemption?
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I just turned off my Xbox with RDR in it so I can go outside and enjoy my day off in this beautiful weather.  This post makes me want to pop the game back on and play games inside the game.
Thanks, guys.  :(

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I just tried horseshoes for the first time today.  Utterly failed.  :(

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