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Awesome, followed immediately, great job!

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Just applied. The amount of quality submissions for these positions must be pretty ridiculous. I got sort of bogged down by the 5MB limitation, but I think my solution worked well enough.

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@steepinkline said:

I'd be willing to bet the reason there's been no status change for those of us who applied for Sr. Editor is that they're ALL gonna get passed to the GB crew (or at least the vast majority). That way they can sort out for themselves who works and who doesn't.

Then again, that'd be a bit time-consuming, so...

That's basically what I'm betting on, anyone know of a particular date that they won't be accepting applicants anymore? I'm going for a specific feel/theme to my resume/cover letter etc and that takes time.

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This game was great, played it about 4 or 5 years ago.

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Just wanted to be bump this and say yes, this game is awesome. I wish the art direction didn't take over the conversation when it came out, though I think it was completely fair.

I bought it during the sale to play with my roommates and expected to like it a decent amount, but all three of us are blown away by how great it is. Surprise hit for my place.

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Art style is too familiar to WoW for me. Could never get into WoW for that reason. Looks too generic, but I think I'm alone in this regard.

Housing seems awesome though, more games need to implement this.

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These are awesome, please keep making these.

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Awesome thread, huge fan of this game.

Makes me want to play it for a third time. Never played the PS2 version though, so it was cool to see what the game looked like on PS2 vs SNES/DS.

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@solh0und said:

This looks pretty cool actually. I could definitely see myself funding this.

Thanks! The developers are actually planning on releasing a demo on Steam Greenlight to raise more interest by allowing people to play the 2 characters they have so far. So hopefully that will persuade people like yourself that have a general interest, but need a little more. If you think of anything specific, let us know.

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