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@Skar220 said:

I love space and scifi themed wallpapers. This is just one out of around 100 other similar walls I have. And yes, I purposely make the desktop as empty as possible, even going as far as to hide the taskbar.

I to love space wallpapers and if you have some other rad ones I'd love to see 'em. Speaking of space wallpapers:

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@oskar_det: Your point seems to back peddle in some ways but that isn't what I am here to ask. you speak venomously about stereotypical badass characters... so I am curious whats your opinion on people like Solid Snake or even someone from a game I assume you hate like Master Chief.

Yes they are "badass" but they also have plenty of characterization in ways that weren't hamfisted like this.

I can't really give an opinion on Samus as I didn't grow up on Metroid, however Prime added plenty her character that is absolutely does not add up with Other M.

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quite a good video... very good in fact, but I would post form of opinion with your OP so that its less likely to be instantly called YouTube Spam.

Its always been a sticky wicket with the rules on this.

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is it sad I am still proud that its my song playing in the OP picture? :L

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@groin said:


people need to learn, USING the word first negates the quest....

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@shinigami420 said:

Thats dudes a wizard and thats fucked up

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windows and chrome (I be dapper man in the thing)

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the chat will never work for me on it.... SAAAAADNESSSS

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It is a very good comic, so much so that I empathize with Rat Man so much its crazy....

also thinking of Cosplaying as him for PAX (I already gots the mangly beard and hair :L)
and The National did a song for Portal 2 thats to do with him, its an easter egg in the game
Shockingly sad and against the normal sound of portal.. paused for moment when I found the radio

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