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I love the fact that my own paid domain email isnt good enough for them. Ah well

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Working great now, Nice one!

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Bastion, the others not that interested in to be honest.

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Nice stuff, this will be the game to make me finally purchase a 3DS,

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Cheers for the hints, bad seeds #6 was the one that stumped me for a bit.

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EDIT: nevermind i found it after poking around a bt.
Quest complete!

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I still read Edge and GamesTM occasionally

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Im going to check it out for a couple months, then if im happy ill go for the year.

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I had a couple cool conversations with some duders on here :) so in that sense it was a success to me. Plus the bonus of seeing what other people have done with their profile sparks up some interesting debate!

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Good to see you continued posting this. its interesting to read and to be honest, who doesnt like a bit of statisical analysis :).
One good thing i found out of this is i got a chance to talk to people i probabbly never would have if not for the quest.