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This is one of my favorite games of all time-- I really want to see a sequel!

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Star Wars: Republic Commando.

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elbow said:
"Why should they?"

Seconded. The Bible never says there aren't aliens.
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Spy, Demo, Medic, Sniper. I <3 those classes.

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It's not hard, per se, but it gets more difficult near the end when you're expected to do stuff like... well for instance, the boss battle with the fire guy in the wall, where you have to jump around on platforms, get more ammo, keep spraying him while the fire comes flying at you, switch directions when the platforms spin the other way, and do it all while he regenerates when you stop hitting him.

Now I can blaze through that fight, but it used to be my least favorite battle. Also, this game isn't really hard because you can't lose. There is a game over, but you can simply select continue.

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What do you mean, all max? Very High, I suppose. But that doesn't tell us much- any AA? AF? Resolution? FRAME RATE? Meh.

I run Crysis on all Very High and shaders on High. I have a comparison shot uploaded onto GameSpot that shows all the different shader settings next to eachother, and High looks easily prettiest. Very High, and the screen is just... BLACK. Too much shading there. Anyway, I can get around 25 FPS on these settings, and I have a 1680x1050 resolution.

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Scratch that, pretty much every level on the bottom path is frustrating.

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Out of the three paths available - top, middle, bottom - which would you say you play the most? Which do you like best?

I have to say I like the middle best and play it the most. Macbeth is frustrating on the bottom path as well as Asteroid's boss fight, and on the top path Sector Y is hard to get through, and then there's an incredibly difficult boss. While the middle is the easiest, it gets my vote anyway.

Top- 0
Middle- 1
Bottom- 0

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If it would be ported, it would definitely be on the GBA, not the DS. The DS is equivalent to a N64, while the GBA is equivalent to an SNES. I notice handhelds are about two generations behind with Nintendo and one with Sony...

Anyway, I can only imagine the gimmicks they would add to the game if they did port it.

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It would be really hard for me to say which is my favorite, because of the different eras they were made of and all, so let me try to list them all in order of how much I enjoyed them (I have III, V, VI, VII, IX, X, XII)

7. Final Fantasy III

6. Final Fantasy VI

5. Final Fantasy V

4. Final Fantasy X

3. Final Fantasy VII

2. Final Fantasy IX

1. Final Fantasy XII

I'm also playing Chrono Trigger right now (level 20 party, fixed the Masamune), and this is my second day and I'm almost done, but it's an incredible game and ranks up there with XII and IX. The thing that I really despised about the FF series was all the random battles, so these games really click for me in that you can see them coming and can avoid them. None of those random attacks.