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Oh man. I feel bad for Drew. He didn't do anything wrong except NOT EXPLORE EVERYTHING. He kept on banging his head against right wing of that place but if he would of just gone to the other stairwell he would of proceeded without problem. Probably an issue of over thinking things.

I hope Drew is having fun with the Alert Phases(seems like he figured out third person shooting is better than first person at times). He keeps triggering them and sometimes on purpose.

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@darfox8: What is wrong with killing the guards? nothing. Nothing at all. I played every MGS game doing it and it was fine. The game changes in ways but it doesn't matter. You guys acting like it's an invalid way to play the game is really silly.

You can say "you get x or y or part z is different" but it doesn't matter. Let him play. Go play the game yourself on your no kill run.

As I said it's not about playing "right" it's about Drew finding his own fun. I think he probably is having fun but all those moments he triggers a Caution Phase he gets frustrated. Under normal circumstances he would start to adapt tactics to avoid these moments. But when he gets direct advice to kill people it muddles his experience. Let the man forge his own path.

I've killed tons of people in MGS. And my first playthroughs are never no-kill runs. I'm not condemning him killing people(even if the game itself does at times) I'm raising issue's with potential pressure from his wing man.

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I couldn't hold it in and sent @danryckert and @drewbert a bunch of tweets today. Probably sounded like a crazy hater or something.

I feel like I sounded like a lunatic, too. I'm a little ashamed. But oh, God, Drew would get spotted so much less (and have so much less frustration) if he crawled more. Being around guards makes him uncomfortable because he's afraid of getting spotted, so he tries to speed-run through areas, and ends up getting spotted. Crawling massively decreases the fear of guards because it's really hard for them to spot you. I'm done repeating myself about this now.

Drew was really, really good with the Ocelot and Pain fights, though. Figured out the mechanics of both really quickly. Those hornets' nest shots!

Yeah I think crawling could be a good option for him but it's not that necessary. I think Drew was doing really good in the first episode. He was dashing from grass patch to grass patch and staying very hidden, while watching guards all the way.

Contrary to popular criticism MGS3 doesn't require you to change camo every three steps. And Drew seemed to of intuitively realized that, he just needs a camo that's generally good for the environment and move from safe spot to safe spot.

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I couldn't hold it in and sent @danryckert and @drewbert a bunch of tweets today. Probably sounded like a crazy hater or something.

Skimming through the comments I see you guys probably have this covered but I get so angry when Dan tells Drew to kill guards. That is the last thing you want to do in Metal Gear because it just comes back to bite you. It's not even about paying the game the "right" way. It's more about letting Drew find his own way of playing. I bet that Drew would probably end up avoiding guards or tranqing them instead of killing them simply because he dislikes the combat or Caution Phases. But with Dan being like "hurr hurr shoot him in the face lolololololol" it's just less fun for Drew.

I'm not dismissing Dan's fandom for MGS. He clearly loves it and enjoys it, but he isn't always the best wing man for this journey. Priority 1 should be Drew's enjoyment and not reliving weird gameplay moments Dan had years ago.