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@Cubical: Welp... I disagree. I think the controls are limited(it's basically a 3rd Person Shooter without a Right Analog stick) but they function well enough to play through the combat scenarios the game deploys. And the story and world is 100 times better than any other Megaman game and better than alot of games that come out now-a-days. It's fine if you didn't enjoy it as much as me but trying to position it, objectively, as an abortion makes you sound ignorant or fanboyish. The problems it had are the type that could be fix with iteration or sequels.
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@Cubical said:
Mega man legends 1 and 2 sucked balls anyway and was the worst mega man game I ever played in my life.  I don't even think it was a real mega man game.  it was like capcom spit in the face of everything that made mega man and mega man x good and mega man legends was born.
It was a  fucking horrible idea to even think about bringing this crap back  and capcom is smart to dump it Good riddance you wiill not be missed.
Your wrong. Megaman Legends was the only original and high quaility game coming out with the Megaman brand on it. Everything else was just a re-hash. That's why it's branding hurt it in the long run because people couldn't see it for what it was, a fun and charming action-adventure game. Instead, people like you, were disappointed it didn't have trivial things like a boss select or Dr. Wily or Zero.
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Bummer I didn't get chosen. Well if you got chosen and you don't want your code I wouldn't mind having it.(Here comes the begging?)

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Yeah come back and let us know when you get a key.

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It's time for 40 people to win. Well, almost time.

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Hey random bot. I hope I win but I won't hold it against you if you don't pick me.

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Aww bummer it's been extended.

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Anybody win? It's almost 7 PM Eastern and I'm pretty sure that's 4PM Pacific.

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Yeah I got to come on here atleast one more time and say Happy Independence Day for Chilenos out there! Hope I get to shoot people in the face while I eat Empanadas!

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As I mentioned, tomorrow is the Independence Day of Chile and it'd be nice to shoot people in the face then. Empanadas and MAG. YUUUM.

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