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Cool, good job.

I think all of the API parameters should be able to be modified, though. You should also make sure to follow the Node convention of always having a callback be the last parameter of an async function.

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Thanks for the article. SMB is still one of my favorite games. Excited to see what's next from these guys.

@xbob42: The only issues I've had with Mac gaming are the terrible ports. Blizzard games, for instance, always work great, and Valve games are usually alright, too. Most Mac games are just Cider ports, though, which is extremely cheap to do but the games end up being essentially unplayable.

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Just for your information: using the JSON delivery format and json_decode() is going to be faster than using SimpleXML.

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@Crono: I am interested to know how LoL treats you like a baby.
I do think it is far easier to approach for a new player, if not only because it is different from DotA and there isn't a group of people with six years of experience with the game. I can appreciate why some people prefer HoN, though, but I far prefer LoL's design and the fact that they are trying to do some new things with the genre.
I think both games serve different markets with an overlapping Venn of regular dudes who get caught in this polarizing flame war because dedicated fans of both titles are afraid that their game will fail and be overtaken in market share by the other.
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I have played with Chogath, Alistar and Soraka in the past, but right now I'm filling the magic nuking role on my team. I want to learn how to play Yi, too, though, because he is such a nasty goddamn pusher.

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  • Darg
Feel free to add if you are average at this game like me.
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1. Don't be greedy. You are more useful alive than dead, even with +1 kill. Especially in later parts of the game.
2. Try to pay attention to your minimap. Try to see what your team is doing and work with them. The most coordinated team wins. Also pay attention to how many enemies are visible. If one or more are missing, be prepared for a gank attempt and don't push out far without at least as many teammates.
3. Play matchmaking after you understand the absolute basics. I think you will have more fun/learn more than playing practice games.
4. Health always wins early game. Get a health item or at least a couple health pots. Try to figure out if their team is unbalanced towards magic or physical damage and compensate by buying a countering resist item. Remember, though, that resist items are much less valuable if you have a small health pool. Get Mercury's Treads if they have a lot of stuns. A big mistake I see new players making is never buying any defensive items. Don't go overboard, but a good balance makes a huge difference.
5. Don't worry about learning the specifics of every champion or about playing every one. Find one you enjoy and then try to get good with it. All you need to learn about other champions is, “what can this champion do to me in x situation?” Just pay attention to what your enemies are doing as you're playing and you'll learn what you need to know about all the champions eventually (be grateful, there are about three times as many heroes in DotA). 
I think that casters might be more difficult to play for newer players, so look at tanks and physical damage champions.
There are a bunch of these threads on the LoL forums if you look or search in the Guides/Strategy section, as well.

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It was me! You are welcome.
I have sent a bunch out from this and other threads and surprisingly few have been activated.

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It goes public on Tuesday, so buying the preorder to possibly get beta keys is probably a bad idea.

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