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Chilly atmosphere can't ascend flawed gameplay and control issues 0

Opening statements The fear of heights is perhaps the most common fear mankind has experienced in its long and eventful history, and fear of the unknown is probably a close second. So, when Cursed Mountain (a survival horror game taking place on, you guessed it, a mountain) was first announced, the natural reaction was that of intrigue, and maybe a tiny bit of cautious optimism. After all, the Nintendo Wii has yet to have a single inspiring horror title to its name. Now, that the game is finally...

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Alan Wake's journey through the dark is a worthwhile one. 0

Opening statementsDarkness always played a role in horror games, but none gave it a role as major and as malevolent as "Alan Wake" does: the darkness isn't just there to conceal the horrors around the player; they are one and the same, and Alan's biggest threat. Taking into account its long time in development, is this fresh take on one of the most important aspects in the horror genre, combined with an enticing tale of secrets and redemption, enough to rise the game above the murky waters of th...

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More action oriented than the original, but still as good. 0

*Reviewer's note: this review only covers the single player campaign. You won't find any information about the multiplayer portion of the game here.Opening statementsIn 2008, Isaac Clarke, a space engineer from the 26 century, first survived the horrors aboard the U.S.G Ishimura in Dead Space, one of the best horror-action games in years. But now, three years later, the Necromorph threat has returned in Dead Space 2, this time on a large civilian space-station orbiting Saturn named The Sprawl. A...

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