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So, for the uninformed: what sort of parliamentary changes are we looking toward, here? Is anything guaranteed?

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I exploded in chuckles when Clueless Norm made his brief appearance last night.

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The video on Tested is region-locked so... what is The Colbert Report?

A political satire show, hosted by Stephen Colbert.

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I typically avoid engaging #spooks like they're the plague, but I put money into the Neverending Nightmares Kickstarter, soooo... that, I guess. I also have Dead Spaces 1+2 as well as Lone Survivor sitting in my Steam library. Maybe I'll play up the theme this October (probably not).

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@wohlf: Oh, definitely. It just sounds weird to me to hear people call poorly-written minority characters out specifically, since my immediate impulse is to think they don't want to hear from/about those people at all. I absolutely understand getting creeped out by lazy stereotypes. That said, I usually give a writer the benefit of the doubt when it's apparent that their intentions are to do good work with a character, whether or not they happen to be very skilled.

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So many times I see people call reviewers out for not being fair-minded and follow it up by essentially telling those reviewers to make a conscientious effort to enjoy the game while playing it for evaluation. Boggles the mind.

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As an American with largely Irish heritage, I am perhaps the least emotionally and intellectually qualified person on the planet when it comes to having an opinion about the vote. That said, it's been sounding as though the political leadership of either position is racing toward the bottom of the exploitative barrel.

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Thank you for writing this out, it's a wonderful piece.

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Looks interesting. Doesn't really seem like a new kind of gameplay experience though, seems like it's a point and click adventure but instead of being silly and full of puzzles it's serious and full of narrative. I could be mistaken though. I hope it can handle the subject matter without beating us over the head with the MC being gay, I can't stand that.

I'm curious; what do you think would constitute "beating us over the head"? One too many mentions of the word "gay" itself? A frank statement regarding kissing/sex?

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No. He just has both

  1. little issue disagreeing with people bluntly, and
  2. a penchant for critical tone, honed by decades of commentary on this business.

If I were to worry about Jeff, it'd be because he likely has to read people calling him a cynical bastard every damn week of his life. This repetitive commentary on his work can only get more grating with time.

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It's good to know there are so many cool motherfuckers here.

Dark eyes, black hearts, just cruise.