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Here's a question for those of you who have progressed through this: how does one go about finding an effective therapist for social anxiety counseling? I've encountered the boilerplate "how depressed and anxious are you on a 1-6 scale" quiz too many times to be confident I'm seeing the right people. But then, it may also be a case of not ever sticking with a single person for any length of time. There's a list of local therapists almost perpetually open in another tab, but the only deciding factor I've used so far is financial limitations.

"Instead of COLLECTING my life's experiences and acquaintances into a ladder that promotes and elevates me socially into a more experienced young man every day, with friendships growing stronger, I enjoy these brief experiences separately until they fade away, and then I wonder where the fuck they went."

Almost everyone experiences this. Ever heard the old adage: "you're lucky if you have one true friend in your entire life"? People and friendships change constantly, it's really rare to be friends with someone for your entire life, no matter how good your relationship is.

There's a difference between the natural separation caused by time and distance and a total collapse that happens because one or both sides couldn't commit themselves fully.

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Aw, jeez. I understand it's indie, but the lack of capitalization in the subtitle is juicing my eyes.

That said, at least they committed to an accurate portrayal of Brad's quaint, British homeland.

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I realize that the scenario is a bit different, but comparing this Q&A with the PAX panels makes a lot of the PAX panel questions so much more cringeworthy. The Q&As at PAX is still entertaining in a different way, but this was just really interesting all the way through.

Actually that goes for other panels at PAX actually. Most of the panels I've gone to at PAX are generally content specific and it's rare people ask dumb questions when it's not a general fan audience for a thing. For instance, even though it was Rich and Vinny at the Produced panel, everyone pretty much had a great question and it was on point to the topic. Since social issues are hard and inherently controversial, they're the only other type of panel where things can go a bit weird but overall it's mostly just been the Giant Bomb panel over the years that makes me dread Q&A.

I guess the positive spin is that in most other situations, Q&A is pretty decent if there's a topic focus or direction to the panel. If it's just a convening of fans, eh...

Is that Produced panel archived anywhere?

Patrick said something about an audio archive? Don't know if it'll go up on the site.

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Isn't it just like Mars to hang out slightly to the right of the moon during its big moment and try to look redder?

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@seikenfreak: Don't discount your mother's theories out-of-hand.

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By the way, to the people saying his death wasn't "satisfying" enough: do you really think this is meant to be an emotional conclusion? The episode ended on that cliffhanger for a reason; murder will not beget solidarity. Though I suppose I have already resigned myself to the weirdness of millions of people loudly celebrating the death of a (fictional) person.

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Yay personal computers!

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That's a thing I don't have what I would like to have. Thanks in advance(?)!

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Well, I can feasibly attend this one, so that's neat.

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We have a saying down here" If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes."

The way you framed that adage makes me feel like I need to find a Confederate flag t-shirt and some tobacco to chew on.

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Philosophical question for you all: is Space Napoleon less of an asshole than Earth Napoleon?