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It's the last Achievement I have left to unlock, which is to beat the game on Impossible. I'm on Chapter 7 now, and I haven't been having much trouble so far. I thought for sure the ADS shootout in Chapter 4 was going to be a brick wall, but not so much. The Leviathan boss fight took significantly longer, but it wasn't hard or anything. Also, when you return to the Medical lab in Chapter 5, and you have to survive locked in the ER with the Regenerator and some other necros, I thought for sure I was done for. I made it out BARELY. I have made some notes though:

  • Necromorphs take about three to four plasma cutter shots to dismember one limb. You might want to sink more power nodes into weapon upgrades. After all, they can't hit you if you kill them first.
  • From the beginning, just the basic Slicer necros take away about two health bars, out of four. 
  • Stasis is your best friend. USE IT. Always keep at least one stasis pack on you at all times.
  • Try to keep at least two medium med kits or one large med kit on you at all times.
  • The necromorphs with the exploding arm tumors WILL kill you, no matter how much health you have. I'm wearing the Scorpion suit (call me a pansy if you must) and it's fully-upgraded in terms of health, and it still killed me. Take those fuckers out first.
  • Try your best not to pop the pregnant necromorphs. If you do, use the Line Gun's mine ability or the Force gun to take them all out at once. If you don't have either, just rake through them with the Ripper. You don't want those things to get on you, they'll tear you apart.
  • Take the bats out first. The fewer infected corpses to deal with, the better.
  • The regenerator necromorph isn't much harder. Just dismember him and stasis him while he's down, and use that time to run away. Pretty much the same as on medium.

So, you really just have to be more careful, take it slow. If anyone else has this Achievement and would like to highlight on helpful tips and/or parts of the game which gave you trouble, feel free to share here.
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How I managed to survive on Impossible, first try with 51% shield strength remaining is beyond me. I think luck is a big factor in that part of the game, having played through at least four times already.

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I like that they showed us his face. It makes him seem like less of a mysterious supersoldier/space marine and more like a terrified engineer who has no idea what the hell is going on.

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Bulldog19892 said:
"I just deleted the content from my hard drive. Problem solved. If I want it I'll just download it again. It's not like I'll have to pay for it. I've already downloaded it."
I tried doing that too. When I tried to load up another gamesave, it said I was missing required DLC. So I downloaded again, but at least I'm not wearing it anymore. The Scorpion suit is better anyway. :P
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My God, these maps are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait for the game.

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The regenerating Necromorphs made me shit enough bricks to build the Great Wall of China. Twice.

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I beat the first playthrough in about 10 hours on Medium.

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My best death came when I was fighting the final boss, the Hive Mind.

I had reached the second part when it grabs you by the leg with its tentacles and hurls you into the air, flailing you around every which way while you hear certain parts of your body crack. It seems if you don't destroy all of its weak points fast enough, another tentacle comes over and wraps around your arm, and just rips it off. At first, I thought this was part of the fight, because it almost seemed to give me back control. But, then its...head lurched forward and drove the upper half of my body into its rings of teeth. Isaac screams horribly, and all that remains is the lifeless lower half of my Epic Tier 3 Engineer.

Dead Space's death sequences are some of the most horrifying and visceral I've ever seen. I love it.

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Vinchenzo said:
"I was surprised when I began using the Pulse Rifle. That thing rips shit apart. I agree though the Line Gun is amazing. I bought it first on my Impossible play-through because of how it obliterates things. Too bad it isn't that slick on Impossible. God damn I have to keep complaining about this difficulty level."
The pulse rifle's okay. I'm still wondering how that thing can tear a leg off in like four shots. Maybe it fires razor blades or something.

But yeah, the Line Gun is a BEAST.
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I think it was on the Valor that this happened. It's in the area with all of the bunks you can move with Kinesis. On the way out, you're chased by all of those Necros who can keep regenerating no matter how many times you slice them up. In a frantic attempt to escape, I moved some bunks with Kinesis and shut them behind me, leaving me in a closed-off area. Then, little did I know, one of the bunks could still be moved. The Necro pushed it out of the way and kept chasing me. I move and hide again. I see a crack between two bunks with a dark shape in it. I shine my light on it and there it is. Just standing there. Yo what's up, I'm going to kill you now.

Some whimpering sounds could be heard afterward.

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