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Hi everyone, I'm YetiAntics Cousin, DarKaoZ.

He told me I should make an account and try to explain whats up with the theme and respond some of your questions, so here I go:


Q: Why no Chie and Teddie?

A: Chie and Teddie are there, all main characters are included in the theme.

Q: They are all in 1 theme? But I just want X Character!

A: No problemo, the ZIP file that is in the download link contains 9 p3t (PS3 Theme) files. The "Persona4Golden.p3t" file has all the characters and it will randomly cycle everytime you re-enter the PS3 XMB. I have no control over the order, it's completely random. Also the ZIP file contains 8 "P4G(X character name).pt3" files and as you might imagine, those are the individual characters themes. So if you only want X character to be in your PS3 background, just install the theme that has that character name and you should be done. NOTE: Main Character = YU

Q: The link doesn't work, why don't you add more?

A: I added more links recently, but they are in my youtube video description. Please go and select the server of your linking.

Q: Can you modify/change/make different/add/remove theme?

A: Sorry, I'm doing this with my free time. All the changes I did were base on people feedback with my first P4G theme prototype. If I create a theme is because I had the time, mood, inspiration,etc to do so, but that doesn't mean I might not take in consideration any suggestion for later use. =)

Q: Why are the icons like that? I can't see the rest so well, I can barely read!

A: Sorry for that, but I tried to stay faithful to the source, which was the P4G Japanese Flash site. Most of the inspiration came from that site. Also why are all the icons hard to see? Well it's because I try to hide the rest and just show the ones that you select by having them as the same color as the background. And since I used TV to "SHOW" them, I wanted them to have a animation behind them. It's something I been doing since my first PS3 Theme and I think of it as a signature/trace of my work. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Q. Will you do something for the Vita? Can you make wallpapers of this?

A: If there is any possibility for Vita to do animated background in the future, I will definitely try to do so, but there is no such method at this point. Will I make backgrounds for Vita based on this Theme? I'm not sure, might do so, but I find it unnecessary because, 1. Atlus released some great wallpapers for P4G, which IMO fit better for the Vita, 2. The point of the theme layout is based on the PS3 XMB, so I think it might not look well on the Vita. But you are free to decompress my theme and grab frames of the animation to use as backgrounds for the Vita.

Q: It's too Chaotic, everything moves too fast. Slow it down/tone it down.

A: Can't do, for personal and system limitation reasons. Personal reason should be that I wanted it to have as much animation as possible and for them to fill the screen as much as they could. In some way, it was to help and avoid Burn-in on HDTVs, because if everything is keep in motion, it won't burn-in. But is hard to make everything stay in a long constant looped motion and there is a reason. That reason is the System Limitation, at THIS moment, you can only create a 1080p animation that consist of only 15 frames. So I only have 15 "drawings" to do an animation and make them "loop". Kinda hard to do if you think about it, since 1 second in a movie is 24 frames, now try to loop something in only 15 frames. So yeah, I wish I could make it longer and make it look less fast and/or chaotic, but that is hard to do so at this moment. =/


Anyways, that should cover all the questions I have seen so far. Thank you all for your likes, thumbs up, shares, word of mouth, suggestions, criticism and kind words. I appreciate them all. Sorry if my theme has been of any inconvenience and I hope that you can all enjoy it!