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I witchered someone so hard in the neck that they flew out of the game.

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That is absolutely amazing!

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Kinda stumbled across this one on YouTube and it looks pretty interesting.

It's a sort of tower defence game with a new twist: Your towers are build on rings around a central tower and you twist the rings during gameplay to align towers of the same type and power them up. There's a few gameplay snippets from the games homepage.

It seems like an interesting concept and I'm interested to see how well it feels to play. It comes out in Japan on the 2nd of July on PS3 and Vita, but I hope Sony or Acquire themselves brings it West.


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Oops. I thought I posted it in the Dragon's Dogma Online forum. Sorry!

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These are fantastic!

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Dragon's Dogma Online is still on track for 2015 and here's a trailer as reminder of just how cool the combat is in Dragon's Dogma.

Just look at those skeletons getting air-juggled!

It would be pretty cool of Sony and Capcom if they brought this out in the West. Let's keep our fingers crossed for an E3 announcement!

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@adequatelyprepared: I have friends who refuses to buy digital games because of the same worries. I constantly tell them that they're already screwed since the disc version of the game they've bought already are incomplete, because they need a day 1 patch.

The reality is, as Jeff has said several times, that there will always be a way for the games that matter, either officially or via some crazy emulator stuff. People will find a way to preserve games, even digital ones, for the future.

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For the first couple of years, I really noticed how Brad yelled "Oh god!" in Quick Looks whenever he was about to die (again).

Thought of making some kind of supercut at some point...

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I wonder who John Carpenter's waifu will be.