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That sounds hilarious. Do you have video of it?

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Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite video game.

I shall buy it again on PC

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And THAT'S why there aren't more Voxel-based games.

It breaks men.

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I wish her the best! Assassin's Creed 1 was a real innovation in game engine design, even if there was just 3 different things to do in it.

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I don't think the ramblings of some nutjob has anything to do with GamerGate.

GamerGate is ostensibly just people are against corruption... be it Zoe who had deep, personal relations with people in a position to promote her game or Gamespot fiering Jeff for giving Kane & Lynch a low score.

As with any cause like this, you'll get a few loons coming out of the woodwork, going "All dem wominz ruinin' muh vidya", just as much as you get tinfoil-wearing idiots who think everyone in the industry is on the take.

However, when you take any person who writes tweets like that at face value and make a big article about it, rather than denying them the attention they seek and letting the police handle it, you eventually just end up creating more people who think that they need to behave like that on the internet to get heard.

You've been into video games long enough to know that it's a regular person's hobby and that "gamer" stereotype is just something created by the media to sell Mtn Dew, Doritos, Call of Duty and Xbox 360, which makes articles like this look like a FOX News piece, where they play on fear and stereotypes in order to drum up traffic and just add fuel to the fire, rather than actually solving anything.

Video games is a super inclusive hobby if ya'll just let it be a super inclusive hobby.

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@super2j: You need to watch this. It is the best :D

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I was just about to mail you something really stupid, Jeff, but I'll wait a little bit with that.

You have my heartfelt condolences.