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This isn't the first time I've seen people very excited for a PC port and I've been starting to wonder... Does people only have PC these days? What systems do you have?

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I think the reason why this exclusivity reveal is so weird is because the game was announced months ago as a sequel to a multiplat game and now it's suddenly exclusive.

Part of me is very sceptical about this announcement. For a while I had to double-check to figure out if it was "timed" or not. It seems like it isn't, but that couldn't stop them from making a GOTY edition for multiple platforms at some point, I suppose.

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I'm going to pull a Ryckert here and state my opinion as a fact: Hyrule Warriors is going to be the greatest Zelda game ever made, because Dynasty Warriors is the best franchise


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Well, I've sorta been collecting all of them, so why stop now? I'll be getting both.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by Black Flag after being bummed out by AC 3, so hopefully the new ones will be just as fun.

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@gaff: He probably hadn't had a haircut / didn't know what a haircut was until he was 28 :D

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For me, Hardline was higher on my list than Dragon Age, for the fact that Visceral was working on it. There's a trend of FPS games with interesting campaigns at the moment and I'm curious to see what Visceral can do.

As for Dragon Age, I didn't enjoy the previous ones very much and so far it seems like EA has spend more time talking about who you can fuck, rather than the stuff they can do in battle.

For as much as I like video games (and songs) about fuckin', I'd be more interested to see if they are legitimalnly sincere about making a good fantasy RPG, rather than another fundraiser for the next Mass Effect game.

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I think it's a waste of money to use visually prolific actors (from, like, movies and such) when there are so many amazing voice actors.

I think my favorite robot companion voice is still the one delivered by Stephen Merchant in Portal 2.

Also, I've been watching a lot of Bob's Burgers and Archer recently and really, really think they should use H Jon Benjamin in there.

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Movie' to New York? Fuhgedaboutit!

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If I had to take a wild guess at the plot, I'd figure the guy in the suit to be some kind of triad affiliated psycho who are subjugating and enslaving the mountain natives and you're some plane crash survivor who ends up becoming a hero of the downtrotten, getting visions of Buddha as you descend into madness and then get murdered by the end... But that's just a wild guess.

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Happy Anniversary! Here's a picture of my friends puppy "Axel"