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@wampa1: Absolutely. It's not just fighting and stuff. You can walk around and absorb the Japanese culture and look at incredibly detailed scans of BOSS Coffee cans. That this one is set in the 80's makes it more exciting in a way, since it'll probably be a faithful recreation of a past time... I'll wait and see what SEGA does, but I'm almost tempted to import the game, just to soak up environments in it, even though I don't speak a lick of Japanese.

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@corevi I was giving pachinko another go in Yakuza 4 the other day and I still don't understand how it works... Speaking of mini-games, they got real arcade games in Yakuza 0. Since it takes place in the 80's, you can play Outrun, Hang-On, Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone in the arcade. I'd be okay with troph-dawgs for those games!

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@sethphotopoulos SEGA kinda brought it on too by marketing it as "GTA in Japan with Mark Hamill" as well. They then went and spend their money on marketing more Sonic games and then failed to understand why they weren't making the profit they had hoped on the future Yakuza games.

I think they could get success with Yakuza 0 by marketing it as "The spiritual successor to Shenmue" (as it is) and then let internet hype and nostalgia from various live streamers and Let's Players pave the way for success of the game.

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Yes, Anime.

Also, people didn't have Paypal back then and were more inclined to carry around cash money.

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It baffles me that the Yakuza series have not had greater success as I think they are absolutely awesome. Granted, they are a bit slow-paced in spots, but overall they feel like real proper video games! Maybe it's because they are Japanese?

I hope Yakuza 5 gets enough traction to inspire SEGA or Sony to localize Yakuza 0, because it looks super awesome.

Anyway, SEGA has put up a video about the game's new battle system where they characters have different stances they can switch between. Since it takes place in the 80's, Goro Majima has a breakdance style that is super fresh!

Skip a minute or two in to get to the action!

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@gerrid: Oh yeah. Don't forget running uphill and stumbling over small rocks and things. I don't really feel like a Dalish elf bounding through the forest...

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Never mind the amount of dialogue in the game. Facial animations are one thing and I'm totally okay with them having a system of stock animations for that. It's all the things they do or don't do with their hands that seems a bit off. I will give them that they've upped themselves from previous games by adding some variety, like an early conversation you can have with Cassandra while she is swinging her sword against a training dummy.

My inquisitor does have a slight bit of range with facial animations, but it does feel very stiff in motion... I think a bigger problem was found in a cutscene, where she was sitting down and resting her hand by clipping it through her leg in game where you can't change the height and size of the player model.

Jeff highlighted another slight issue during the podcast, where he mentioned that your main character is very clearly modelled to be male, judging from the animations and it feels like it's been that way forever in games as well, as illustrated in the Mass Effect 3 running gif further up on the site. Sure, I could tweak my character as much as I liked in the Saint's Row games, but she still moves in a very masculine manner. I know it would be a ridiculously huge undertaking to make every cutscene multiple times to accommodate that kind of thing, in a game of this size, but I do hope that it's something that the likes of Bioware would consider in the future.

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I'm playing Dragon Age Inquisition at the moment and having a good time with it, but I feel like Bioware is stuck in the past with their modelling and animation.

Apart from the added effects and benefits of the Frostbyte Engine, it doesn't feel like things have evolved dramatically since the first Dragon Age and I've spend hours staring at Bioware models and canned animations through the Dragon Age games, the Mass Effect games and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

While their new character creator has depth, wrestling with it to produce decent results feels like a chore. I spend 3 hours starting over, since my character looked alright when I made her, but like a total spaz once she started animating in the game. I did manage to make something I'm somewhat pleased with, but it could have been so much better.

I wish they'd stick to writing and game design and then outsource animation and modelling to someone like this Korean studio who is doing this action MMO. Look at this thing! It's gorgeous!