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  • Dungeons: Steam Special Edition
  • 4 coal
  • 50% off Valve
  • 50% off Hard Reset
  • 50% off CyanWorlds catalog (Myst games)


  • Renegade Ops
  • The Missing Link (Deus Ex DLC)
  • Orcs Must Die
  • Might And Magic: Clash of Heroes
  • Any offers in general...
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Nice. Filed under "adultery"...

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It would be cool if being a 3DS Ambassador allowed you to gift one of your 20 free games to a friend or use them in a different way to entice someone to jump on a 3DS. I think of more of a "referral"-type service when I hear the word "Ambassador" myself.

Also, I don't know if others have pointed this out yet, but I'm fairly sure that "apologic" isn't a word (maybe the word Patrick was looking for was "apologetic"?).

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Dude, I totally live in Oakville (off of Third Line), this thread is so random! 
This begs the question though: now what?

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I'm disappointed that nary a "Wash down those Nuts with some Pussy" remark was made, especially from Vinny.

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@LordAndrew: That's great to hear dude.  I really like how it laid the news and videos out for easy browsing.  I'll definitely keep an eye out for any future updates you make to the app.
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The videos don't work in my Giant Bomb android app anymore, which is the main reason I bought a subscription.  That app was awesome though - watching the Railworks QL while I was riding the train home is a memory of the app that I will always savour.

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I can't watch videos on the mobile site either, in that the video player doesn't even show up in my browser. I'm using the default browser in android 1.6 (xperia x10).

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I can watch the Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh vid on loop for an hour straight and not get tired of it.  These are awesome dude, I'm really looking forward to what else you've got up your sleeve!

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@guitarjunkie1123 said:
" I'm supposed to be editing the final touches on my thesis regarding the role of video games in globalization as we speak. If my thesis is approved then I'll be graduating the second week of May with my MA in Russian Area Studies...so perhaps I'll see you at Burger King in a month or so =P Ultimately grad school took all of my time and I'm quite glad to be done with it. I have the opportunity to pursue a Ph. D. at the moment but there's no way I would make it through the program. Best of luck to all of my other grad students out there, it's quite a relief to see the light at the end of the tunnel. "
Ha, I'm putting the final touches on my masters thesis too (stupid references).  It'll have taken me way too long, but hopefully by June I'll have my M.Sc in Physiology.  Unfortunately a post-graduate degree in science that isn't an MD, DDS or something in Occupational Therapy or whatever isn't really worth much, but hey, I'll have gotten mine over with and i can move on.  Whoever said that you should make sure you enjoy what you're doing is bang-on, otherwise grad school will be one of the toughest things you'll ever do in life.
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