Game Complete: Halo 2

Completed: 1st February 2011 (23:40)

Involved: Completed game on normal difficulty.

Summary: Finished in a couple of lengthy sittings, fell in love again. Having played both the first and second games pretty much one after the other, I can conclude that... I still don't have a favourite between them. Halo still feels like a solid package, but Halo 2 builds upon the story in the same kind of way that the books have (First Strike for example). I like the variety in settings and the twin perspectives of the two lead characters. Played this as an original disc on my 360, and got some terrible ghosting/artefacting where parts of cutscenes would be plastered as a layer on top of the gameplay at times, but it didn't stop me playing through.  
Next: I'm literally putting the 3rd disc in as I type...

Rating: 5