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I think Adam Sessler described the review number issue best.

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You cannot give a scientific and mathematical rating to an element of art which is open to interpretation. Fuck sake, this kind of shit is why I would love review sites to just throw away scoring systems entirely, then people would actually have to read the reviews before jumping to conclusions about either the game or reviewer.

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I think people are overreacting to the changes recently. Is it disappointing to know that the Whiskey Media family is splitting up and no longer really underground? In a way yes, but each website will now have far more opportunities than it did before. Since Comic Vine is now associated with CBS and GameSpot, they will now be able to have a booth and more access around Comic-Con. Giant Bomb will now have access to everything that GameSpot has, and probably a larger budget. Tested will now get to expand to more topics like Coffee, Legos, Markerbot, and will be able to focus more on deep technical details and science at the same time. Will and Norm may now have access to M5 Studios, a larger budget for events, gadgets, etc. and they are working with two more brilliant minds. Personally I cannot wait to see the Tested articles to come, and the chemistry between Adam, Jamie, Will, and Norm. You just know that Adam, Will, and Norm are going to get into some awesome shenanigans.

If Will and Norm were not happy and did not like what Tested has/is becoming why would they stay? Call me crazy but did anyone stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Will and Norm are truly happy with what is all going on? Do I think it is a little upsetting that Will and Norm are not on the website banner, or new logo, and that the logo changed? I would be lying if I said I wasn't, but those things could always change and are minor issues in the grand scheme of things. The new Tested will allow Will, Norm, Adam, and Jamie to write and publish content that they necessarily couldn't before. Adam and Jamie cannot go into as much depth about science on Mythbusters because it has to be marketable to everyone, and they cannot talk about personal interests. Will and Norm were limited and topics that they loved like Coffee, Legos, and Turkey's were considered Off-Topic, are now On-Topic, and I couldn't be more excited.

I will say this though I am really disappointing with how all this information was delivered to us, why the sudden Reveal? I think a lot of people would have been more comfortable or accepting of all the changes if a week ago Whiskey Media would have made an announcement about all of this and given us more and more details everyday about what changes were going to be made and what we can expect for the new partnerships.

Bottom line: Tested wasn't bought-out and people need to calm down, Will and Norm are smart and trust worthy people, and if they are on board with this and excited about it, well that is good enough for me to know that it will be something truly fantastic.

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I've been buying records for about two and half years now, and I have around 150 now. I have all of Led Zeppelin's discovery, and have everything from Pink Floyd, to Slipknot, to Ella Fitzgerald, to Bach and Mozart.

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I would like to see at least one map that resurrected the Titan mode from Battlefield 2142 but with battleships, and all the combat would be water and air, with the exception infantry combat upon breaching the other team's battleship.

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It depends on the game, if it is anything predating the Nintendo 64, I will most likely have to use a guide to get through the game at all. Otherwise I only use a guide if I get to the point where I am about to ram the controller through the television screen.

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Gordon Freeman is a terrible character, if you could call him that.

I think the focus on trying to get a "cinematic summer blockbuster" feel is ruining video games.

I absolutely love Slipknot.

I think Recovery by Eminem was a great record.

I thought Atom Heart Mother, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and Division Bell were all great records, and I am not a fan of the Wall despite being a massive Pink Floyd fan.

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Grand Theft Auto IV was to me a horrible game.

I think the visual style of Battlefield 3 is horrible, I much prefer the bright colorful style of Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. (Still love the game, especially the character animations, which are probably the best I've seen in a game).

I think consoles are loosing the point of being "consoles".

I find large graphical leaps between generations rather pointless, I will take a lower console price over "OMG DEM GRAPHICS!" any day.

I still vastly prefer dedicated handheld machines to phone/app games, and probably always will.

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@Example1013 said:

Buy a new computer, those specs are barely enough to play WoW even if you were running windows.

Not to nitpick here, but you cannot be serious. Those specs could demolish World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft can run off of a Pentinum 4 processor, 1 GB of RAM and GeForce FX graphics card. His system should be able to run Trine and Portal just fine, hell I can max portal with 2GB of RAM and Geforce 7900GS. You hardware is not the problem, it is likely a software or driver issue.