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I am very excited, Whiskey Media sites are great, and well designed. It would be nice to have a massive database and informative site dedicated to movies.

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I have a feeling Batman 3 was supposed to involve the Joker, and then Heath Ledger died. I hope Nolan can figure out a way to make Batman 3 as bad-ass and awesome as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were.

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Harvest Day
Par For the Course (Golf Karts included)

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I always play Green Thumb, I like being able to spin around while melee, that way if I miss I can quickly re-align myself.

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@SumDeus said:
" @ashriels said:
" The sequel surpasses the original. "
I didn't even know there was a sequel. I'll have to watch it. "
Don't waste your time. It was a shameless corporate sequel to cash in on the Donnie Darko name. Anyone who says the sequel was better than the origonal is an idiot. That is the equevilant to saying Alien vs Predator was better than Alien. Anyway I love Donnie Darko, it is a great movie. It isn't my favorite movie but it is one of my favorite movie.
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@gunslingerNZ said:
" @sarahsdad said:
" June 2000: Microsoft buys Bungie, world ends.
 - October, 2007: Bungie splits from Microsoft. Crowds Cheer.
The thing is though at the end of that first relationship problems were definitely starting to show. I mean, Halo Wars & ODST.... "
Bungie didn't make Halo Wars. :|
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Dear Bungie, I will never purchase another one of you games no matter how good it may be if it is published by Activision, I refuse to give them my money.
Sincerely ,
 A lost customer.

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I only invert my controls for flying controls. I cannot stand flying planes in games without inverted controls.

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@solidlife said:
" How it works in the UK 12 16 18 it is illegal for anyone under that age to Buy the respective rating. But they are still on the self for everyone to see. Its just law that No one under the age can buy the games. I thought how it worked in USA or is it just a guideline.  "
Every sense the whole Hot Coffee scandal with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it has pretty much been a law everywhere than people under the age of 17 cannot purchase Mature rated games without parent permission
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Yeah they need to bring the first person back for the passenger seat (not the driver), it is impossible to aim in the third person.