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I also want to see some Custer's Revenge, and Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust.

I'm disgusted that you even mentioned using Custer's Revenge, I don't care if you were simply joking, it was in poor taste given the subject mater of the game. I find it disgusting that you would want to view a racist game that dehumanizes American Indians, and specifically American Indian women, to merely objects that are acceptable to rape at any point for sexual pleasure.

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I did not see this posted on Giant Bomb yet, but be warned people, what follows is quite possibly one of the best trailers I've ever seen. EVER. Words cannot describe how great this game looks in all aspects. Prepare yourselves.

My hype for this game just rose again, I wasn't expecting much of the campaign but after seeing this, damn. I cannot wait to play the single-player in Battlefield 3 and after playing Battlefield since Battlefield 1942, it feels odd and almost unreal saying that.

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I will almost guarantee you that somebody will simply buy 32 cases of Mountain Dew and not even drink it, just so they can get 24 hours of Double-XP.

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I just got "What Kinect could learn from Rapelay." and "Is Rapelay a Mirror's Edge for Adults". You have no idea how hard I laughed at those two.

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I just purchased Alpha Protocol for $2 and Aliens vs Predator for $5. I've been wanting these games for a while but because I've heard mixed reactions about them I never got around to purchasing them, but damn for $2 and $5? I've been hurt worse by purchases and I'm sure I will find some enjoyment out of these games. Downloading them though is going to be a pain in the ass though. :[

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If the game was good, why yes then I would and if the character was not solely defined by his sexuality but by other traits to make up a complex and human feeling character. If the protagonist is simply a homosexual stereotype then I can't say I would be interested in his/her character because they would lack actual depth.

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The weirdest work experience I ever had was working as an usher at a Jimmy Buffet concert at Alpine Valley, this guy walks right past my station, yells "FUCK CHEESEBURGERS!" and flicks Jimmy Buffet off.

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I loved Niko in Grand Theft Auto 4, sadly the save system and awful controls make the game a pain to play at times.

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I don't think the Smartphone market has much of an affect on the portable console side of things, if that were true the DS line of consoles would have stopped selling long ago. The 3DS and Vita are fine, both have broad market appeal, and appeal to certain niche' markets. The only reason the 3DS was selling badly was lets face it, it has barely any games at the moment and what it does have are ports or remasters. Don't get me wrong I love Ocarina of Time and I happily payed $40 for it again on the 3DS but people need more than just Ocarina of Time, Super Street Fighter 4, and Shadow Wars. Wait until Super Mario 3D Land, Star Fox 64 3D, Paper Mario, and Mario Kart roll around, I think they system will start to sell like hotcakes once it gets some more games, and the price cut will likely help that too.

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Why do you consider old games "crappy"? To say Metroid Fusion, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong JR, Ice Climbers, Super Mario Bros etc are "crappy" is just wrong. Yes they may be old games but that does not mean they are bad or worthless.