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With the news that the 3DS was being cut to a price of $169.99 early adapters, including myself, felt just a bit more than upset considering we purchased our Nintendo 3DS for anywhere between $200 or $250. However in a very classy taste, Nintendo decided to give 3DS early adopters 20 free (well technically not because we paid $80 more for our system...) games, 10 of these will be Nintendo Entertainment System classics like The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climbers, Donkey Kong JR, Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros, and five yet to be announced games. The other 10 will be Game Boy Advance games that at this time Nintendo has no plans to release to the general public, these games include Yoshi's Island™: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart™: Super Circuit, Metroid™ Fusion, WarioWare™, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ and Mario vs. Donkey Kong™. Now lets break this down, many people are saying that these 20 games are not worth $80 but lets think about this for a second, Excitebike retails for $5.99 plus tax on the e-Shop and the NES games will likely retail at the same price, especially if they are in 3D (which hopefully they will be) so that means just to buy all those NES games wold cost $59.99. Link's Awakening DX retailed at a similar price of $5.99 with Game Boy games retailing for around $3.99 So if they release at the Game Boy Color price of $5.99 then to purchase all the Game Boy Advance games and the NES games would cost $120 plus tax. If they released at $3.99 that means you would pay $100 plus tax for all those games, both of those costs are more than the extra $80 early adapters paid for their 3DS. In addition not only do we get these games for free, we get them early as well. Overall I think Nintendo is providing the goods and a great package for 3DS early adopters.

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I bought a Cosmo Black 3DS back in early June and neither the circle pad nor bottom screen scratches my 3DS, however after being close for a long time or being in my travel case, the bottom screen edge will leave a slight line of dust/dirt and a smudge that looks similar to a scratch on my top screen but it comes off when I wipe the screen with my cleaning cloth. Nintendo really needs to put a stronger hinge and better bumpers on the screen though, as doing those two things would prevent this problem entirely.

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@JonDavis said:

Can a 3DS fit in my pocket?

Yes it can, though it might be a bit of a tight fit depending on the pocket; Kahki pants or cargo pants pockets? Fits fine. Regular jean pockets? Maybe. Skinny jean pockets? NEVER.
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Hopefully with the release of Star Fox 64 on 3DS we will see a brand new Star Fox title on the 3DS or Wii-U...hopefully...

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I wonder if this is the same person who registered the domain name http://www.pspgo.com/, a website that redirected itself to a Nintendo DS Lite website.

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I feel that everyone involved on a game whether it was ten minutes or ten years, should be credited in the credits. Now I also feel that it should be labeled on said credit how long that person worked on the game for fairness reasons, so a credit would look something like this:
Character Design:

  • Ryan Davis (2004 to 20011) *
  • Brad Shoemaker (2005 to 2006)
*Indicates person worked on the game from conception to finish product
Not only would this give everyone credit, but it would show how long a person worked on the game.
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To those who are wondering what is so bad about the Law that was struck down, it isn't that the law is preventing minors from buying M rated games, its that the Law (vaguely) defines what violence is and leaves a rating system far to open to interpretation. The Law would basically treat video games like pornography, black covers and all for games deemed obscene.

The law defines the classification of a "violent video game" in this way:

(1) "Violent video game" means a video game in which the range of options available to a player includes killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being, if those acts are depicted in the game in a manner that does either of the following:(A) Comes within all of the following descriptions:

(i) A reasonable person, considering the game as a whole, would find appeals to a deviant or morbid interest of minors.

(ii) It is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the community as to what is suitable for minors. (iii) It causes the game, as a whole, to lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.

This is an exert from the Giant Bomb article talking about the Law.
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I think we should do away with scores all together and just have written reviews, that way people would have to read the review and hear the good, bad, and ugly about a video game rather than just looking at the score and jumping to conclusions without reading the review. Anyone who has gone to System Wars and seen someone say "Game X got an 8.5 instead of a 9.0! lol flop! The game sucks!" knows what I'm talking about.

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I wouldn't mind the fact that their is another Halo in the works if it weren't for a few things...

  1. Halo is now a yearly series, ever since Halo Wars, Halo has been coming out every year.
  2. Halo 4, Halo 5, and Halo 6 have already all been announced along with Halo: Anniversary, making for FOUR Halo games announced. Seriously that is way too much and will likely lead to burnout of the series.
  3. The trailer suggests for Halo 4 that the story is a continuation of the Master Chief's story, why? Halo is a rich universe and I wish they would explore something else or create a new story in the Haloverse and lay the Master Chief to rest.
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According to the Giant Bomb Quick Look, it sounded like most of the jokes were Family Guy type humor, lazy references to other things and dirty jokes with no real wit or intelligence behind them and something only a pre-teen and early teenager going through puberty would find funny.  To be fair I haven't played the game yet but I'm not sure if I would enjoy the humor if its being compared to Family Guy humor...