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I'd rather buy a dedicated Blu-Ray player or DVD player to watch movies on than my home console.

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@PenguinDust said:
The controller has pads or discs and not joysticks so I'm not sure how shooter fans are going to feel about that.  I guess we can get used to anything, but the question is will we see a benefit in converting?
Did you see the Zapper setup they had with the controller? Goodbye dual joysticks... (footage starts @ 2 minute mark)
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Opinion's can be wrong if they can proven so with either A) Objective Facts, or B) Logic or reasoning that is subjective but so close to being objective. For instance if I say "The sky is brown, that is just my opinion." That can be proved wrong because objectively the sky is blue. If I say "ET 2600 is the most cinematic and greatest video games of all time." I could say that is wrong by using logic like "They game was glitched and broken, contained no cut scenes and is regarded as one of the worst video games ever and lead to the video game crash of the 1980's, so therefore it could NOT be the best game ever."

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@EVO said:
@DarkGamerOO7: You forgot the D-pad.
That I haven't run into yet, and hopefully I won't.
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@EVO said:
This is the price you pay for being an early adopter. You should always wait for the inevitable redesign, that is unless you're desperate to play a certain game or just have the money to burn.
I don't know, I mean it was two years between the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSLite. Not to mention this "flaw" wouldn't require a redesign, just Nintendo stick two small pads at the top of the 3DS to create more of a gap between the two screens when closed. More over I'm really not sure how the 3DS could be redesigned to be smaller or better in anyway outside of a better battery, and maybe a high quality camera once the cost of production goes down, but again that wouldn't require a full on redesign.
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I purchased a screen protector for both my screens and keep the foam thingy that was packaged with the 3DS in it when it is closed, so hopefully this does not occur.

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For me, I think Duke Nukem Forever will be a "so old and outdated that it is fresh and new" type of game.

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I do not understand what people mean when they say "People have nothing to complain about.", or "Oh, its a free service that went down, what is the big deal?", 77 Million users personal data, name, age, address, e-mail address, purchase history, and even their password were breached; there was even the possibility of their credit or debit card numbers being stolen (thankfully that wasn't the case) and Sony waited a week before telling anyone. People trusted Sony with their personal data and Sony allowed an outside party to find their way in, and then lied as to what was actually going on. People have the right to voice their opinions and complain to Sony, just because a service is free does not mean it excuses a security breach of this magnitude.
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Colour me ecstatic, I will definitely be picking this console up when it releases. I started playing video games on a GameBoy, and then a Nintendo 64, then a GameCube, and then switched over to an Xbox 360 at the start of this generation. While I love Microsoft and Sony, I plan on getting a good laptop or desktop to play  computer games so a Nintendo system with Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and Motion Controls to complement a computer with Battlefield, Crysis, Half-Life and keyboard and mouse will be wonderful.

I can see the GiantBomb Quick Look caption already. "Streaming.....the Stream...?...?...?"

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I don't want a remake, however I wouldn't mind it being re-released for the Xbox 360 in this way:
1) Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 in 1080p
2) Steelbook DVD case
3) Bonus disk with behind the scenes videos, documentaries, etc.
4) Achievements for both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2
5) Special Xbox Avatar item and Gamer Picture.