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well don't get me wrong the game is fun as hell, is just im one of those people that like to get stuff once and that's it. I'm not one to go through stuff twice. 
However, I have no other choice 
Hell, I suppose it'll be more fun ranking up in more than one map...

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ok then I guess I wasted my time getting that sniper and F2000 and other guns I wanted....

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Any one know if after the Beta's over, you get to keep your stats and points you accumulated?  
if not, Im going to be kind of pissed...

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lol my moment of "wow the voice-overs are kind of retarded" was a couple of minutes ago 
"Shit, we've got infantry coming our way" 
no way, I never expected that...

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never happened to me 
but what I dont understand is how to use chute when actually in the match, do you jump and hold spacebar and it will come up? or do you jump, let go of spacebar and then press and hold again? not really sure.

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@MrKlorox: I've never had this problem. Since I did the admin launch to update the game, I never did admin launch again and it always launches in a speedy manner.  
Try reinstall?
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Agree with you on everything and I'm glad to see you in our community. 
The one thing I will share with you is dislike of lonewolf-style gameplay. Yeah I liked CoD4 and MW2, even some CS:S every now and then. but the game I come back to with a passion is TF2, nothing can beat the quality of that game and the constant content coming on it. 
Oh and if you like Team based games, I would strongly recommend getting into the Bad Company 2 Beta. I've never played a Batlefield game before but I jumped into this and its incredibly fun. The game also makes sure to reward you lots for squad tactics and gameplay. 
@MrGetBonus said:

" Most of them are strictly console. "
Yeah I have the same problem... wish I could get them on my side as well. 
Hell, some even want me to get a console...
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lets keep out fingers crossed

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Attempted to research if anyone knew if there would be a LAN feature in BC2, couldn't find any in other sources... 
Any one know?  
I'm pretty hopeful since they already have the server browser in there, so hopefully they squeeze in there the LAN.

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Yeah I just attempted that, it worked.  
Thank you =] 
Yeah definitely say smoother and more consistent performance. awesome