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@Andorski said:
" Pretty sure everyone know now... but in case you don't, Steam has the demo up for download now. "
yeah its up now, happy zombie fraggin! =]
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@Andorski said:
" Any word on when the PC version of the demo will be released.  I have the L4D2 demo page on Steam up, and am eager to get things going. "
yeah same here, it says "release date: Nov. 3" yet, it IS the 3rd and im not playing right now, it stilll says "pre-load"  
ANYONE know anything?  
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damn it, well I guess its going to be later today, woke up kinda early and its still not up, the latest thing that happened today was that TF2 Bill's hat update

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Well what my original thought was that MW2 is not going to be complete garbage, its just going to be partially garbage. The only part where MW2 is going to fail in my opinion is in the LAN crowd, when people want to play in some LAN party, MW2 would probably not be the one to play because of previously mentioned issues. MW2 will Still briliantly deliver on an amazing storyline (that im still on the edge of my seat to see how they connect the dots of the trailer cause the have me beat)  and on the times where people and myself want to play online only. In these areas I think MW2 will be the force to be reconed with. 
BC2 just comes in (again, in my opinion) really to fill in those times when we want a good game to play at a LAN party and that incredibly rare occasion when you get somehow bored of the MW2 online multilayer.  
Also, im just as skeptic as everyone here because according to Bowling's blog, the PC version of MW2 is one PC version of any Call of Duty that they've put the most work and dedication into. That statement coming from the company itself bashing against all of this talk from the community would have anyone indecisive. 

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yeah like, i feel like if I'm just home and playing Online only, i'll play MW2 online with the other 5 people that get it on the PC. 
However if im going to a LAN BC2 will probably be played more there.

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Apart of keeping up with Modern Warfare 2 and the recent party foul with the removal of dedicated servers from the game along with mod support, I have also been keeping up with Bad Company 2 and watching the trailers and videos on it and so far, I think that Bad Company 2 will bring the Multilayer that PC gamers have been wanting from MW2 in LAN form. What im trying to say is that Battlefield, one of the franchises that made LAN gaming and PC multilayer great, will most likely NOT take out their dedicated servers.  So as far as people wqanting to LAN this game is probably the one that LAN players will be leaning towards.  
So all-in-all, I think Modern Warfare 2 will bring the Single player experience (on the PC) and Bad Company 2 will bring the Multilayer on the PC .

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yeah Windows 7 (which I have installed give a slight increase in games performance right now.  
DirectX11 is backwards compatible with DirectX10 so you will be able to run all of your DX10 games as well as on Vista, even with a slight increase of performance. I ran Far Cry 2 DX10 and it ran fairly similar to the Vista version so you shouldn't have to worry. 
another word of advice, unless you are really desperate for some performance gain, OR can get Windows 7 for a discounted price, i wouldn't really bother.

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@unclejohnny79 said:
" ah PC gaming is fine, consoles are slowly becoming pc's anyway lol "
hmm... very true...
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@Jiggah said:
" For 7, you just need to copy the files over.  You don't need to set anything to make it bootable.  For the second part, you're just making it more complicated by installing Vista (and sounds like updating) before 7.   http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvista_upgrade_clean.asp  That trick should also work with Win 7. "
oh really? just move the files over? that's awesome! that makes 7 and even better OS =] 
Btw, anyone know how many Activations you're allowed with 7? I'm asking this because like, with Vista, I have Ultimate 64 and I was able to put it on about 3 systems activated, no problem. Think 7 will be the same?
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" Yea if you're just backing all your stuff up anyway why not just do a clean install of 7?  On Amazon.co.uk the full version is actually cheaper than the upgrade version.  I'm sure if you shop around you'll find 7 for fairly cheap.  You skip the problems of the upgrade install too then "
Well I already have a Windows 7 Home premium pre-order in newegg since I got it when they were $50. 
" @darkgoth678:   1.  Don't bother with a DVD drive, just use a USB key.  Simply mount the Win 7 DVD and copy everything over to the USB key...that's it!!!!! Plug into the AAO and boot select the USB HDD. 2.  There's no need to install Vista then do an upgrade.  From what I'm hearing, Win 7 Upgrade can be "clean installed" the same way that Vista was able to do.  Simply install Win 7 without key then reinstall Win 7 with key. "
Yeah I've looked at this method, i dont know, I just feel using the DVD drive is kind of easier, I dont have to go through the process of making the USB device bootable . As for your second point, can you provide more info on that? I've always heard that you need to do a clean install of  Windows 7 if you have XP, you can only upgrade if you have the corresponding version of Vista.