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Thanks for your assessment 
Have you been running that build on your desktop machine or on a nettop? 

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My desktop is taken care of, it has Vista Ultimate 64 and im getting the Windows 7 Ultimate Signature edition. 
My nettop however, takes a few more steps. I have an Acer Aspire One with XP Home on it at the momonet. I pre-ordered an upgrade copy of Windows 7 Home, here is my plan: 

  • I borrow from my friend an external DVD drive along with a copy of Vista Home (no key, not cracked). 
  • back up my stuff
  • I install Vista Home clean without Activating it (since I kinda can't)
  • Right after Installation, I install Service Pack 1 (since I read it is required to upgrade)
  • Right after that installs, pop in Windows 7 Upgrade and begin the upgrade process.
  • After the upgrade process, Activate Windows 7 Home
At first I myself was kind of doubting it but then I read the you can install Service Pack 1 and it will ask you to activate it AFTER it installs. So I can install ,shut off and begin Windows 7 install.  
 Anyone see any holes with my scheme?
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@PISTOLcm said:
" I love Loot n Shoot :D  Just give me my MW2 on 11.10.09 damnit! "
Amen brotha 
Amen@Gigantorama said:
" Many of my friends are console gamers and they won't leave me the hell alone about my PC love. You've heard the stuff, PC gaming is dead, piracy, price, no universal distribution, etc. But there's one thing I really think would help PC gaming is a shift in the GAMES itself. What I mean is that some people, like me, still believe a good ol keyboard and mouse combo is the best controller on the planet. That being said, the bulk of games these days for the PC are FPSs or MMOs. Is that really the best a keyboard and mouse can do?  
Remember when the Wii first came out? Developers always said that instead of focusing on the hardware, it was best to focus around the controller and build games around that. Well, can't PC developers think of something else to do with our mouse than shoot or loot?
dude you like hit the nail on the head. I have the same problem of people hating on my PC enthusiasm and do think that we PC owners should not always just get basically the same games that the consoles get. I mean I think the only thing we really have to ourselves right now is like, soon to be Starcraft 2 and a few or title that in mind, failed to catch on such as Demigod. I lie, perhaps the most prominent was Crysis on the shooter side and Wow on the "loot" side.  
But yeah man, I feel your pain, we suffer together and hopefully, our wounds shall be patched with golden band-aids =P
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This really sucks! I mean, yeah ts only two weeks but come on... 

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@Kamasama said:
" PC

@darkgoth678 said:

" @Fragstoff said:

" PC ftw "
+1  Yeah PC as well.  Does anyone know if its going to be DX11? I am like 99% sure its not going to be since its been in development well before Windows 7 "
 Nope. DX11 will be released on Vista as well, by the way. Dunno when the hardware will be released, though. "
Ok thnx,  
Oh and there's been talk that ATi is suppose to be letting some DX11 hardware loose this month but idk.  
either way I would wait for the nvidia counter parts =P
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Great choice brad,  
you wont regret choosing the mouse and keyboard over the gamepad

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Most: Throwing Knives!!! 
Least: lack of PC perstiege and hardened edition =P lol jk. there is nothing IN the game im not exited for

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@Fragstoff said:
" PC ftw "
Yeah PC as well. 
Does anyone know if its going to be DX11? I am like 99% sure its not going to be since its been in development well before Windows 7
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some GiantBomb Love would be nice =P

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GREAT NEWS!!! seems that the PC patch for FAllout 3, along with a GFWL update has fixed the age thing on the client so now I can get Broken Steel!!!! YAY!!! 

getting it tomorrow!