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thnx for help =]

yeah building the shuttle system is probably not going to happen... but thnx for the idea though
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I also own Office 07 but I used Thunderbird, lightning and Oo.org for a fair amount of time so those are execllent. I use AIM for IM, Perhaps you should check if Google Chrome works in the RC because I tested it in th Beta and it didn't work, regardless, awesome browser. GIMP for image editing. Zune software is pretty good for music? at least for my needs. Music editing however; Audacity gets the job done. 

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Vista currently but when my Windows 7 comes in its going straight to that!

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So im going to go to Quakecon this August, but i've never been to such an event, let alone an event where I have to transport my PC and monitor such vast distances. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips for PC and LCD transportation. 

So far these are the thoughts I have gotten to:
  • Because I think my CPU heatsink (CNPS9700) is a tad large, thinking of removing it.
  • Thought the GTX260 is also large, but I have secured with a really tight screw, so its not going anywhere.
  • As far as peripherals go, I have the Razer Gear rack.
  • Remove RAM fans
  • Seal front door to CD drives with some tape
  • going to put on cargo on the plane in the original box the case came it

Now, as far as LCD transportation, I still have the box that my display came in, but I was also thinking of purchasing this LCD harness that I spotted on FrozenCPU some time ago. 

Thinking it was a little too much money for me, I went to scour the interwebs for other brands of such harnesses but maraculously, I found none! is this really the only company that manufatures LCD harnesses?

comments or any helpfull criticism on these thoughts are welcome!

thanks in advance.
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@FluxCapacitor: Oh well that changes things... I'll see what i can find you, cause I have a 260 myself anf its running fine on a 650W.

EDIT: Nvm, that one i recomended earlier is fine, I read the it had a single 12v rail and that threw me off cause I though that meant only one 6-pin but i read again and it says dual 6-pins so your OK. 

lol i knew if it said SLi & Crossfire Certified it couldn't bring just one 6-pin....
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I dont think I will ever stop recomending these to people, and if you dont mind the shipping going over your price range then this:

Corsair TX650 650W (link to Newegg product)

oh wait, there's a rebate on it for $20, but hurry because teh rebate end today!

EDIT: Im attempting to look up the 7900 GS that you mentioned but I cant find it on newewgg and on nvidia.com they dont have power erequirements. I'm jsut a little sceptical that a 7900 GS needs a a 6 and 8-pin
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I have the problem that I have like a ton of expensive stuff I need to trade and all of the traders I got to are like broke. 

Now my friend said that just purchase stuff from them and then sell them your stuff. 

if this is true, then is there no one guy who is loaded and I can sell my stuff to? or am I dommed to paying numerous visits to verious traders t just get rid of my crap??
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I still hold true to just go with Quad, a Q8200 should dfo you wonders and itys not even that expensive. 

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um... Quadcore much??? 

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@artofwar420 said:
" @darkgoth678 said:
" oh ok this makes sense now, I thought they were just delaying it just to be cute but hey, if they're giving the PC some love by promaryly increassing the player count on maps (bacsuse 12v12 is barely a match) then by all means i'll wait. 

It would be awesome if it would release on Steam but i guess not since you can't get any Battlefield tittle on the currently. 

The distructible geometry particularly exites me =]
Never say never! There's been a lot of games I'd never thought I would see on Steam but now they're there. "
lets have hope, though, i'm intrigued because, isn't battlefield EA? and some of the EA catalog is already on Steam with such titles like Spore, Mass Effect and Dead Space. So im kind of shocked the Battlefield series hasn't already been in there.