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Jeff just posted that they just finished recording it. And that it'd be up around 9pm. Sooooooooon

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Yeah i emailed WB games support and got an email back saying to take a picture of the game and proof of purchase (receipt) and all that stuff. And then they will send me the code. So i suggest emailing WB support


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Yeah there have been a bunch of problems. I didn't even get the robin code from bestbuy but my catwoman worked fine. So i'm not sure exactly what to do

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@Kyelb22: So would you reccomend calling best buy or should i just try to contact WB?

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Nope, i looked through like 4 times to make sure. Not sure if i should try calling best buy still though or email rock steady

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Oh damn. Okay. Well i see that they are going to make good on playing as cat woman but I will be pretty disappointed if I don't get the robin character or anything else.

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hm okay. I'll give best buy a call tomorrow then and see. Hopefully they can give me it. I just found it wierd that there was a sticker on the case that said robin was included and it wasn't there.

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Am i just missing it or something? It had the sticker on it saying that there is a best buy exclusive and such, and opened it up there was only the catwoman code.


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i would like to say, i thoroughly enjoy your Death avatar. Great album. 
I love that part so much :') i cant wait to see that live, oh my god.
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Animals as Leaders is awesome!
Perhaps you should check out periphery? A lot of their songs have an 'animals as leaders' vibe to them.
Also i applogize for sparking this debate on prog metal y'all XD