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Absolute rubbish that game reviews and criticism should be separated.

If a film had (for example) a sexist agenda (e.g the film simply reinforced negative stereotypes and attitudes towards women through its depictions of and actions of / upon them with no attempt to provide some sort of social commentary on the problems arising from sexism) then film reviewers would mark and critic it accordingly. They would not just throw their hands in the air and say "Nevermind! It's meant to be horrifically sexist - its that kind of film! 10/10". Instead, they would question the viability of such a film, and would do so within their review.

To deprive videogames of an equally deconstructive and reflective approach within reviews merely undermines the importance and potential of games as both narrative and interactive forms of entertainment / art.

Personally, I also have issue with the linearity found within Uncharated - more so than the linearity found in other games - because it works against the theme of the game. Nathan Drake an adventurer exploring various ruins / temples etc for (supposedly) the first time and yet he seemingly knows the exact, correct route to take through these structures. Surely, if the narrative is to be believed, Nathan has never explored these areas before, so how come he knows exactly where to go? And why am I (as the player) deprived of the opportunity for exploration when I am playing the role of an adventurer? This constant undermining of the fiction creates a dissonance between the player, the protagonist and the narrative that, personally, I have never overcome.

So, the criticism isn't so much the linearity, but the contextually appropriate use of linearity within the fictional framework of Uncharted.

Surely, if games are to progress and evolve, such issues must be assessed, and done so within a review and the score modified accordingly. If we just scream 10/10 all the time, games will never get better - they may even devolve.

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Big fan of Klepek (was saddened when you left G4 and happy when you joined GB) but, dude, ease off on the ol' commas.

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@ xyzygy: Clash of Heroes is an awesome game. I own the DS version and have put some crazy time into it. The story etc is a little on the weak side but the actual battles are deep and fun. Very recommended.

On that note - does anyone now if Clash of Heroes price drop is permanent or just part of the weekly deal?

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well, UK mag EDGE gave this little number a 3. Has caused quite a fuss that has. Anyways, they cited a literany of issues. Not this one though. Sounds like the best.

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It's no more offensive than the Chinese guy, or the Middle-Eastern guys, or the white-collar, gruff guy. Besides, doesn't this dialect still exist today? If so, then the 'slavery' pre-fix is null and void. If not, then the inclusion of broad, stereotyped accents is a crime committed by pretty much ANY game.

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yakuza 4

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Whilst pretty much everyone here is being all nice and agreeable (which is fantastic), I don't understand the point of raising such a potentially contentious, political / social and entirely non-gaming related subject on a gaming website, even if it is in the off-topic section.

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Here's the queue for it - and look who is standing there, all bold as brass ;)

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Dirt 2 - there was a game I was GOOD at... very rarely did I not come podium in online races. I felt a complete connection with the handling model - the cars were an extension of my desires.
Dirt 3 - I am rubbish. Can barely finish an online race - I seem to be magically pulled towards every available tree / lamp post / fence and limp across the line in some low-end position. I have attempted to fiddle with the assits (normally go for all off, but have tried alternative set-ups) but to no avail.
Now, I have either become incredibly crap at racing games in a short period of time, or Codemasters have fiddled with the handling model. I am working under the assumption it is the latter and not the former causing me issue. Trouble is, try as I might, I just cannot settle into a true rhythm with the game - I always feel disconnected from the cars - they don't do what I want. The flow of my races ends up being very stop-start and awkward which, in turn, leads to a great fustration. 
So, question... anyone else feeling this or being affected by it?

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