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btw, If you are trying to buy them both digitally in the U.S., The Crew is NOT on sale, the only thing I can find related to The Crew that IS on sale is a crew credits packs (which is in game currency). If you are out of the U.S. ignore what i just said. If it was actually on sale i might think about buying since I already own Driveclub and I like the idea of driving around the country.

edit: just noticed that you used "uni" earlier, so I'm guessing that you're not in the US. sorry

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I played around 200 hrs of Borderlands 2 on xbox 360 and haven't played the Presequel. I only have a PS4 now and have really been wanting to play a Borderlands game. Borderlands 3, Borderworlds, or whatever it will be called is probably still a ways off, so I am super excited for this collection. I don't have a PC that can run them either, i've tried. I will play them both and not even care if the frame rate is bad (like Saint's Row IV ReElected Edition) or if it's great like GTA V. Borderlands is one of my favorite game series ever and i can't wait until March 24.

Sorry for the gibberish rant.

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second code taken. thanks duder!

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I live near Pittsburgh and only have 1 choice for provider; Armstrong. They have caps based on what services you get from them. If you only get cable internet from them you get a 200gb cap. If you have cable tv, internet and phone, you get 400gb. I only have internet from them because I wanted to cut the cord, but it feels like they are punishing me for it, even though i pay them $60 a month for their services. I average about 400gb a month and they charge you $15 for every 5gb over. If i had another choice i would definitely switch.

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I also had the glitch where I lost all progress upon starting the game. I had the PS3 version and it was weird that the first time i played it on PS4 my save data was transferred automatically. As far as the losing your progress thing, I just quit out of the game and went back in and everything was back.

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Let's put it this way; I've was watching someone on Twitch stream the game for like an hour and a half and i did not see ANY hint of the Alien. There was terrible first person stealth with awful human enemy A.I. though. Also, not scary at all, at least what i saw of it.

I'm gonna say 5/10 or 2 stars.

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Go to the PSN Store on the ps4 and find Shadow of Mordor. Download the free version that shows up if you already preordered it. It will download the preorder stuff. The Dark Ranger skin will show up in game after that and the two legion edition missions.

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Sorry to hear about your loss. You and the other guys have given me so much joy over the years. Thank you.

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Also, How about Texas in July and Cannibal Corpse. Both have a new album out.

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First of all, I don't consider that shitty music. Second, Everyone has their own opinion. Lastly, It was a genuine suggestion. Babymetal is amazing! It's got heavy metal with female vocals. Isn't that what Opeth is like?