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@pie: how can you like that!? I mean it such a small part of the game you can't really get a feeling for it.

Fire strike for me.

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If anyone still have a code laying around, I would greatly appreciated it. A friend of mine registered but did not get a code so I'm searching one for him.

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If anyone has extra an code, I would really appreciate it! Followed in twitter and replied to the welcoming committee but no dice.

Edit: Got one! Just had to ask it seems. :) Thanks!

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Just an FYI:

Bungie is working on a grand conspiracy to dump a bunch of Alpha codes onto the Internet. Help is on the way. Stay tuned.

— Bungie (@Bungie) June 13, 2014


So there might still hope for people without a code. Just a shame I probably locked my account out for 24h by trying too many old code which will make any public code meaningless until tonight for me.

Either way, hope people who wish to get in have luck!

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Just realised that I probably won't receive a code. I tried to register from the browser at work and the site wasn't loading correctly it seems because I did not get a thank you message after entering my PSN ID. :(

Oh well, have fun everyone. I guess I'll check some stream later on.

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@demoskinos said:

So am I still one of the only people here on their first playthrough? I finally just got to Mirror Knight last night. The weird thing is I've been playing every single night for hours and hours I find it weird so many people beat the game so quickly.

Pretty sure you're not alone. I'm still on my first playthrough and I'm at... Huntsman corpse I think(to give more information: with 3 Prime bonefire lighted). I really wish to keep playing but there's also Metal Gear Solid V GZ that I find interesting.... And inFamous is coming tomorrow.... ugh not sure how I'll organize my time. First world problem.

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What's wrong with torturing everyone in his way? Always worked like a charm when I'm doing it. :|

But on topic, 24 is pretty great. I was really into it for the first few season. Then it somehow lost it's charm and I've lost some interest. I'm at seaon 8 at the moment and I still watch it from time to time.

Hope they can make 24 as intresting for me as they were in the first seaon.

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@sterling said:

So I'm sitting here reading in the guide about all the rings. To see what all there is. Because there seems to be a lot of them. And many of them have variations of +1 and +2 that increase the effect. So I was curious as to what rings all had the +1/+2 variations.

And then I find these two supremely magnificent gems. I am still in awe of this things.

  • Ring #1: Illusory Ring of the Conqueror. Acquired from: Clearing the game without dying!What it does: Left hand weapon becomes invisible.
  • Ring #2: Illusory Ring of the Exalted. Acquired from: Clearing the game without resting at a bonfire!What it does: Right hand weapon becomes invisible.

What! Are you fucking kidding me! Challenge accepted! Visions of PVP benefits.

Man, if only I tought I was good enough in Dark Soul to pull this off. :P

Not dieing would be pretty challenging and I guess it will be easier when we know the games in and out. Not using bonefire mean running everywhere and never porting or never having your weapon resistance restored without repair powder, which probably mean using a lot of different weapon since repair powder is pretty scarce.

But having invisible weapon seem lke a pretty cool idea. I think there's an armor which is also invisible, something about special material invisible to coward? Only saw the description in loading screen so dunno how it works.

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Speaking of cracked orb...be it red or blue, I can't use them. I'm in the Blue Sentiel. I can do co-op and put my sign, write message, invading people when I'm a convenant (only did it on the bellkeeper one) and I also did some fight in the Blue Sentinel arena but the cracked orb Use action is always grayed out for me... did I miss something?

On a related note I never been invaded either, nor I have ever been called to protect someone as a Blue Sentinel (and wearing the ring of course)... I dunno if it's my internet configuration that's the problem. Pretty sure I took the option to have more then region.

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I don't have a source and I think I heard it from somewhere on this forum but supposedly it's a bug. In short, you should not get your humanity when helping someone. This is something they will fix in the future (by removing it).

Again, I can't look for source but it's what I saw in an other thread.