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" @H2Oyea said:
" So, is this game worth the dough or not? I keep hearing how this game is bad and how this was a rush job, stories about a lead designer leaving, but reviews praise it. What be the truth?  Edit: and if anyone could comment about the quality of the PS3 version, that would be appreciated.  "
It's not bad, in fact it is a very competent RPG, however when compared to Origins it is utter shit.  The game deserves a solid 7.5-8, and the reviews have been blatantly bought for the most part (coincidence  that all the review sites that gave high scores also had DA2 advertising... i think not).  Most of the bitching about this game has not been so much because the game is bad, but just because they somehow managed to take a step backwards since Origins and also that the game feels slightly rushed.  As for the PS3 version, i hear it is of equal quality with the 360 version. "
I think that this game would have been better received had it not been tied to the Dragon Age series, but instead released as a new ip. It made sense for the Mass Effect series to move in this direction since the second game kinda streamlined the mechanics that were already set in place but I feel like it's too much of a leap in another direction for Dragon Age.  
I personally really enjoy the game... I just think that people should be warned that they'll be disappointed if they're looking to have the same experience as they had with the first one and that they should instead approach it with an open mind and evaluate it on its own terms.
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@jadeskye: Sorry buddy... I had a hard time finding high-quality (as in 300 dpi, print quality) Juri art but if ever you have some scanned somewhere, just PM me and I'll see what I can do :)
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@Izzyjam: That's because it's awesome :)
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@Pessh: Thanks dude. I'm really glad ppl like it :)
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@GetEveryone: Haha thanks, buddy :)
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@V: awesome art, dude :)
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@liquidsaiyan: thanks man :) I usually go on deviantart and search there for decent art, I especially like the stuff by the Udon Crew ( http://udoncrew.deviantart.com/). Otherwise, I know it's a pain to wade through but srk is kinda the place to go.

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Here's mine: 

I made the art after SSFIV came out and I kinda fell in love with playing Ibuki.  
I was really nervous because it was the first time I ever took anything like this apart but it ended up being pretty fun. 
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I can't really be bothered to install silverlight again....

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I've been looking forward to a decent port of this for a while now. I'm really happy they're doing this :)