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Oh man.

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For every piece of shit antagonist he comes across there are a dozen fans that love what he does. Fuck the opinions he is a damn fine game designer and an awesome artist to boot. I own the xbox version of Fez and the second I finish my PC build I will be buying it on there. I believe in Phil Fish now more than ever. People like Phil are what is keeping the game industry away from just being the "shooter game" or "sports game" industry. EMBRACE THE CREATIVES!

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I still have no idea what this game is suppose to even be about and the way they explain it is like talking about 3 game plots and stories at the same time. I'm watching it but I am not even close to sold on this game.

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Thats it, I'm done with console gameing

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I would really like to hear what all the GB crew think about the whole "tropes vs women in video games" topic since most of them (like myself) have lived through and played a majority of the games in question.

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Agreed, I will say though I enjoy the Luchador Stantler image.

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Glad to hear! Can't wait for another amazing story.