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#1 Posted by Darknezz (64 posts) -

I'm not usually a fan of watching other people play D&D. I mean, I like playing it myself, and the Acquisitions Incorporated games put on by Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade and endlessly entertaining, but it really takes the right people with the right amount of enthusiasm to keep the game from being both boring to play and boring to watch. I guess that's what I'm worried about. A lot of the Giant Bomb staff haven't ever seemed too keen on the idea, and that can really quickly turn into just not being into it, which then makes the game boring.

All that said, I had a great time watching everyone go from slightly interested to being goddamned miserable when they played Fortune Street, so hey, maybe this'll be like that.

#2 Posted by Darknezz (64 posts) -

A bunch of sweeping shots over meaningless landscapes and structures, accompanied by a soundtrack featuring only the most generic of fantasy soundtrack things. This is all we see of a game that's been in development for six years, and has cost an extraordinary amount of money.

...Yep, 38 Studios is doomed. Everyone pack up and go home.

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"Blizzard All-Stars" doesn't come from "the best they could come up with on short notice." It's from the revamp of the original DotA which was called DotA All Stars. It's as well-known in MOBA circles as DotA itself was, and Blizzard is now banking on that name, which is a very smart move on their part.

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I just beat this game on PC this morning. My only real problem with the port is that all of the button prompts (for picking up ammo or guns or whatever) all display the 360 controller buttons, even when using a keyboard and mouse. Other than that, I don't have any real complaints about it.

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Singularity had a pretty bitchin' ending.

#6 Posted by Darknezz (64 posts) -

You're not doing a damn thing wrong. If you enjoy a video game because of the part where it's a video game, then enjoy it for that. If you couldn't care less about the story or characters, then ignore them.

That said, I am a big fan of a lot of RPGs despite their gameplay, rather than because of it.

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As far as I'm aware, it's just a collection of fictional writing done for the sake of doing it. And it's totally cool.

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This Bakhtanians guy, and indeed the community he is supposedly representing, is disgusting. It's really baffling to think, as a fan of an eSport where it's considered bad manners to leave the game without saying "gg" first, that this kind of behavior is acceptable, and even seemingly encouraged, within the fighting game community.

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It'll get uploaded like every other quick look does. You could also watch it through the JTV archive, if you don't wanna wait.

#10 Posted by Darknezz (64 posts) -

I'd love it if they did Septerra Core.

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