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alright. I have everything now except for one more video for "There goes a narwhal!"
So is there a third video that counts for that quest yet? or do we just need to wait for a new one?

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hm. on December 22:

  • SR-71 blackbird first flight (1964)
  • Berlin's Brandenburg gate re-opens (1989)
  • Colo, the first gorilla to be born in captivity is, well, born. (1956)
  • in the UK, rural roads are given 70mph speed limits, as opposed to none. (1965)
  • The TSMS Lakonia burns at sea, killing 128 people. (1963)
As for birthdays shared:
  • 81st Emperor of Japan
  • Dick Parry (from Pink Floyd)
and exact birthday:
  • Ali Lohan
I am not good with famous people, so I probably missed several noteworthy folks.
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#960. First one I've done without any outside help or hint viewing.
A hint: Concept pages are your friend, and make a good jump point for finding the games associated that you are looking for.

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Generally I am totally ok with piracy if its a game that I have owned at one point, but for some reason, cannot play anymore. (disk broken, missing, locked out by DRM, original console busted, friend "borrowed" it, etc.)
 For games that i havent owned and are relatively new however... I don't know. most likely I just give up primarily out of my lack of knowledge of what websites wont fill my computer with viruses or some such.

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Proud owner of both a virtual boy, (still works!) and one of those pure awesome turbografx things. (A ducttape covered abomination, but also still works!)
As a side note, New Adventure Island, Bonk's Adventure and Parasol Stars are still some of my absolute favorite classic games.