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I hope they're paying him a lot. That site is... just not very good.

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Their Twitch Support, and main Twitch twitter feed also has some really funny bug-squashing jokes. The guys and gals that work there seem to be enjoying themselves.

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I threw a few bucks their way for a couple games I already owned. I guess.I did my part? I'd love to see more from Remedy.

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Are you the one that added the 'GLHB' to the syringe?

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@believer258: It's just over the last year.

I have a few friends that play A LOT of World of Tanks. I barely even know them anymore :(

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Happened to me a couple days ago. I contacted Blizzard and they were able to restore my character. It's bullshit that it happened at all, though. No security compromises my ass. Patrick, Get on this shit!

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Idk... La Mer is probably mine.

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Really, really loving some of these maps so far.

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Hey Dave i have a question, i already bought the game, thanks for the code, but will this game ever release on Steam? Thanks
We submitted the game to them, but they decided it wasn't right for their audience.  So it will only be available on our website for the time being.  Sorry! 
 That's harsh, especially considering some of the absolute crap they sell. Hopefully your next project can get on Steam and get a little more exposure. Also, i'm gonna email Valve and bitch about it.
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Already bought it right after the quick look, but this is pretty cool.
The game's fuckin rad, too.