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@Nilo: Dammit, ok, last post, I swear.

I really want to read your post, but I am dead tired, but thank you for writing all of that stuff. I just want to say that my problem wasn't with their opinions on design philosophy, as that's another subject entirely, and indeed that's their opinion. From what I could skim of your post, its about design philosophy and design differences, and GB's discussion and past discussion of this. That's not what this thread was about, but I appreciate your post from what I've read.

This thread was about general lack of homework done by some of the crew members during the podcast (and as later pointed out by others in the thread, this complaint can be extended to Quicklooks), and their tendency to make very factually wrong comments and then run off the rails with them. Sometimes it hits a nerve, sometimes not. Sometimes the OP gets angry about something that he was entirely wrong about, sometimes not. But the complaint as a general issue still stands.

I don't hold their opinions against them, and opinions on general game design is something that is very difficult to be "wrong" about (unless your name is Dean Takahashi). I just wish Patrick wouldn't be so quick to start a hate pile when compared to the rest of the crew, especially if this hate is such a generalized one with internet bias.

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@Enigma777: I know I said I was going to sleep, but I just have to reply to this one last one...

First, I find it amusing that you feel that way, when in reality everything is a niche. You can look at Modern Warfare 3 numbers and make all of the "bro-gamer" jokes that the internet can provide, but its still a niche.

Second, why do you feel so compelled to discredit or condescend towards another group of gamers? If anything, I can extrapolate some insecurity that you have in your hobby of choice, which is honestly something you should probably deal with. I find it very curious that you've clumped me with this "group" you speak of. I don't believe I ever expressed my general tastes or whom I identify with at any point in this thread.

Finally, this is a message board. Its meant for messaging and rants. "Deal with it."

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@themightymonarch said:


Fair point and you're right, rereading what you said I interpreted it wrong. But now that I've read it again, it seems like you're saying that you're like a holocaust victim because no one in this thread is sticking up for you. And that's even worse.

Oh my goodness, no. It was simply an absurd commentary on the quoted person's regard to point out how his canadian-ism has been attacked in the past, but is more than willing to jump on the back of others while they're "down."

I have had plenty of people stick up for me, or see my point in this thread.

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@ModerateViolence: lol

I think I've been refreshing this thread for the past 2 hours or something, but I need to sleep. I think everyone's expressed one thing or another, and I hope it's proven cathartic for some as it has for me. If not, then I'm sorry for wasting your evening (or morning?).

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@Tim_the_Corsair: Fair enough.

@Benny said:

I'd rather he talked shit about any and all games and caused drama than be stiff and boring.

I'm pretty sure there is a video where Vinny states this site is entertainment first and informative second, if you come here purely to be informed or have stopped enjoying it, then it's probably not or never was for you.

I like how many people keep coming up and offering ways in which its "not for me," as if there's never room for improvement or changes have never occurred from user feedback.

I clearly like the show, and have repeatedly expressed that I have no delusions that anything said in this thread will actually affect the bombcast, but whatever.

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@ModerateViolence said:

The podcast is free and isn't going to be tailored to you and never should be, the second any form of media starts to cater to its fans instead of sticking to what brought people there in the first place they've lost their way.

And I would hope that they wouldn't, but that certainly doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement in general. If the Bombcast truly had their way, they'd still have a food segment and complaints like mine would mean nothing in comparison to others.

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@DystopiaX: My intention was for it to be more of a general discussion, but people asked for an example, and my first example was a wrong one, even if the general point still stands. Without going through each bombcast episode ever and cataloguing every instance that the kind of things that people are pointing out, its difficult to really make a true case beyond an angry and generalized thread about it.

@themightymonarch said:

@Darkpen: Yes, you lost me a while ago.

@DystopiaX: No, I replied to the right person. My point was by referencing both the holocaust and the "First they came for the communists..." statement or poem or whatever you want to call it, and then saying the Bombcast was like that because there's no one to speak up for Final Fantasy/Nomura is to reach a level of hyperbole that I despise. Having no one to speak up for Nomura is nothing like what the Nazi's did to millions.

Hahahaha, oh man, is that what you interpreted my quoting of that to mean? Hardly. I was making reference to the person I was quoting in response to, not the bombcast. Goodness, me. If I was referencing the podcast, it was the podcast format's nature of people's mind's to wander with such off-cuff remarks, as I believe I hinted to. Nothing so deep as yours.

Please reassess that post with this new information.

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@Tim_the_Corsair said:

Ignorance is bliss in this case, as I hold the exact same opinions as they do regarding most Japanese game design.

Curious thing to say, especially with so many other posters pointing out that the crew loves Japanese game design, e.g. Persona 4, Deadly Premonition, Chrono Trigger (as far as Endurance Runs go), though of course it isn't a love that's understandably unanimous.

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@DystopiaX: No... I think he's just taking a racy and far-too-subtle comment I made and is either missing the point... or is missing the point and then missing that even further.

edit: here's what I said:

@david3cm said:

Their ignorance and hate is why I love the bombcast. I know it sucks when they talk shit on things you like, me being from Canada I feel some flak every now and again, but personally since I have zero interest in JRPG's I love when they shit on Final Fantasy.

I'm mildly reminded of that holocaust quote that goes something along the lines of "first they came for the ____, and I did not protest. Then they came for the ____, and I did not protest, [...] and when they came for me, there was no one left to protest for me."

But that's just my mind wandering. Like the Bombcast! Butchering quotes and make leaps, aw yeah.

I don't see how this has to do with a gaming podcast talking about a long-running jrpg, either.