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360: Darksaws

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How is chocolate so low on the list!

It's like the best filling

Zero respect for the jam eaters

All that fruity taste with the dough isn't good

Not like chocolate, the best flavour

Great question 10/10

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@NickL: You're good.

Here are the (hopefully) final pairings. http://gbpcgh.challonge.com/GiantBomb_ChivDuel

It's a shame we couldn't get 32 entrants, then there would have been no byes at all.

So, tomorrow at Noon PST/8PM GMT I need everyone to join the mumble server.

  1. Download the stable version of mumble athttp://mumble.sourceforge.net/
  2. Open the program, you’ll get a window called ‘mumble server connect’ (Run the Audio Wizard under Configure if you want to set up your ptt key and mic)
  3. Click “Add New...” and fill out the box like so:
  4. Click OK and connect. You’ll be prompted for Certificate Failure - just click yes.

No need for a mic if you don’t want to, typing is fine as well, but if you're not in the mumble server at the time of your match you will be eliminated.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: Probably this one, what's the point of an arena without a death pit?

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This will be your battlefield, learn it well.

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Also, seeing as I no longer have everyone's steam info I need everyone to either add me on steam or join the PC gaming hub steamgroup then get in the mumble server when the Tournament Event pops up to get the password for the Chivalry server.

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apparently this topic was eaten by a glitch so here's a new one. I don't have the final text saved so this will have to do.

hey duders

Seeing as how the Chivalry TNT was so much fun and the Giant Bomb server is paid up for a few more weeks the PC Gaming Hub is organising a duel tournament!

If you want to sign up just post in this thread with a link to your steam account and your in-game rank (this is for seeding purposes). Entrants will have to be in the PC Gaming Hub mumble server, but do not require a mic.

Signups will close at 8pm GMT / Noon PST on Friday 8th. The tourney will be held 24 hours after on the saturday. I will announce the pairings during this time.

The tourney style will be a classic single elimination bracket. If you lose one match then you can’t win the tourney. Ideally one match will be played at a time with the rest of the entrants spectating and cheering them on/shouting abuse.

The Chivalry server will of course be up throughout the week so you can all practice against each other. The server name is “Giant Bomb Press C To Aaaarrrrgggghh!!!” but since the browser kinda sucks, you can connect directly by opening the console and typing "open" (no quotes).

Right now the only rule is no fists. They’re kinda buggy right now but more importantly there’s no fountain of gore when you kill someone.

The saved list of entrants I have is as follows (If you do not see yourself on this list then please post again!):
























Either add me on steamor post in this thread if you have any questions.

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The server went up tonight so we had somewhere to play during the PC Gaming Hub gamenight. The server will be up for at least a month, maybe more if it's popular.

The password should now be removed, the map rotation is TO and LTS. Go murder eachother duders!

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I love ales. My favorite beer is definitely Fuller's London Pride.

But if we're talking more local I love a T.E.A. (Traditional English Ale)

Then of course there's a nice smooth Guinness if I'm in the mood for a liquid meal.

I love all beers except lagers, I can only drink those on a hot day.

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I can't wait to play some Arma and TF2 with you duders.