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Tonight's Happy Hour was a goldmine.

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Top player, woo!

Looking forward to all the games.

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From the currently streaming This is Only a Test

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Just realised I'm not on this list.

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@Chavtheworld said:

Also there were over 7000 left when I was there - either it went up or Europe has a separate amount.

I'm in Europe so it can't be that. They must just be boosting the numbers up every now and then.

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Sorry about not noting it was PC only, I didn't notice. 3636 codes left now, doesn't seem to be dropping quickly. Also glad you guys like Mailinator, it's a pretty sweet tool.

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Like the look of these tags?

Here: http://www.alienwarearena.com/giveaway/battlefield-3-dog-tag-item-giveaway/

You will have to make an account, just use Mailinator for the email address if you can't stand using your own. There are 4486 tag codes left at the time of this post, so don't worry about availability.

On the Origin client just click the cog icon, select "Redeem Product Code" and enter your dog tag code.

For the quickest, but also laziest person to view this thread, here: 4M5Z-P7H8-K928-L26C

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Thanks for all the great BC2 games, duders. See you on the Battlefield.

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I really enjoyed the whole thing, even Metro which a lot of people seem to hate.

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#1 here.