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I think the Dead Ringer is far more game-changing than the Cloak and Dagger myself.

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Been playing some Fable 3 in coop, I don't know how much I would enjoy it alone but it's pretty fun with a friend.

Probably going to play some TF2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Killing Floor and more Fable 3 this weekend.

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I suppose I'm going for a boxed copy of BF3 then.

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Nice find.

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Looks fun. I liked the first game so I'll probably pick this up.

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I'm very happy this is happening. I was just recently considering playing through Snake Eater again.

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Got two, worth it.

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The Just Cause 2 stuff, I thought that Airgun thing would rock, it just ran out of ammo really fast and was really expensive.

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As long as I enjoy the game and it's not exceptionally long I'll probably replay it at one point or another.

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@KaosAngel:  I think L4D2 with maxed out graphics looks great, totally playable, the same with everything that came out in the Orange Box. Portal 2 looks pretty good so far as well. I'm not saying Source should win awards for beauty or anything, it's just impractical to build a whole new engine when you have something that's already usable, that is unless your graphics are the selling point such as with Crysis 2.
Edit: I am talking from a PC perspective here, so even with the older games you can just crank up the settings and it still looks good.