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I'm really glad you can bump up the FoV, I often feel disoriented when it's as tight as Crysis 2 has set to default.

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First I'd like to say I don't know a huge amount about game/engine development or design, so please correct me if this is horribly wrong. Valve has been using the Source engine since 2004 now, it's still updated regularly, runs fine and looks pretty good, with this in mind it seems unnecessary to start from scratch every few releases unless a certain leap in technology calls for it. As long as the engine is built well and has good developer support I don't see a problem. This isn't about money, it's just a practical design decision.

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This is just one of the best things ever, I cannot wait to play this.

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I really need to upgrade so I can get an acceptable frame-rate while I play this game.

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I've never been explicitly banned for hacking, but I do get accused quite a lot in Bad Company 2. One time I was kicked after playing solo against two admins and winning though.

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I picked them up on the previous sale and am still in progress on an Insanity playthrough. I'm sure it'll be back on sale eventually, but the most likely time might be just before the release of ME3.

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Full head shave, grow beard instead.

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@MattyFTM said:
" But it's not like any of this matters, astrology is bullshit anyway. "
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I didn't get as many as I thought I would. Probably spend about £50.

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I love it, you have to use such different tactics due to the guns being stronger. Squad rush is great on all the maps.