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"Pink, which you failed to add to the list.  "

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"@DarkSeraphim said:

" our stupid 360 has the ring of death AGAIN "

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" @Druminator said:

"1. N64, spent many many hours playing Zelda, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Mario and StarFox.2. 360, because it's what I play now."
my 360 = red ring of death at the moment. for like the third time. :( "
Dude your 360 died?  Btw go link your Achievements on the site as it looks a little bit like you're trolling the whole RROD thing a bit and don't actually have a 360. Just a tip. "

haha i do have a 360...i have two. we fixed the red ring of death thing on our old one, but we bought another one before we realised that we could fix it. and i dont want to link my achievements on here cause i dont feel like getting up and figuring it out. im lazy as hell.
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"And what about hermaphrodites? "

oh crap. i forgot. O_o sorry.
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There are so many males on Giantbomb....i wanted to see how many active girls are on here....Im a female...lol.
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"This may seem messed up, but my most memorable gaming experience doesn't come from a game. Well it doesn't come from a video game per say. Back in January 1992 it was the Buffalo Bills vs the Washington Red Skins in The Super Bowl. My dad was a huge Bills fan and super pumped that his team had finally made it to The Super Bowl. I told him that the Bills weren't going to win and that they would never win. He didn't believe me and told me to shut my mouth and not say such things about something as serious as this. I didn't listen and kept telling him they were going to loose. So in an effort to teach me a lesson he made a bet with me. As I kept arguing with him the amount of money we were betting kept going up. In the end we were betting around $500 against each other. Now I didn't have that much money. I didn't even have $50 and my dad knew this. I was shitting my pants until the end of the game when Washington won. That made me the happiest little goober on the planet and my dad was furious. After pestering him for the money for a few weeks he finally paid up and on February 22, 1992 he took me out and I bought my first SNES. It came with Super Mario World and was special to me, because I hadn't actually owned a gaming system before. I had always bummed off my friends and cousins, or played what was in the arcade, but now I had a gaming system all my own. Mario never felt so good. I've been a hardcore gaming addict ever since. :-) "

thats amazing. lol
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I accidentally put a" N "as a choice and it wouldnt delete. ugh. but greens my vote. and cool colors..
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Just wondering what was the most intense gaming experience you guys have ever had.  
The most memorable one for me was when i was playing kingdom hearts 2...and like i was at one point in the game where i was suppose to kill some retard boss dude with a guitar....it WAS SOOOOOO STUPIDD i wanted to shoot the game off cause i kept dying and it was just some thing that really pissed me off....and if i read what i just wrote, it sounds pretty lame....lol. ugh. 
another experience i had was when i was playing Resident Evil 4... and the room was filled with little kids watching me play, and i didnt really give a care. and so like im walking down an aisle in the game and then, BAM! a zombie dude on fire like bursts out of this door thing in front of me and all the kids around me like exploded and died lol ...good times lol
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ugh i want some now.