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@hellodanni: Silver ribbons for monthly subscribers and gold ribbons for yearly subscribers. Don't feel bad about missing that, I don't think I have seen it explained anywhere since before subscriptions were introduced.

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I don't regret buying it at all. Also I have no problems finding a game on PC I only play hardpoint and team death match so the other modes might be dead, can't really say either way.

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Tag Tournament 2 split alt costumes into different characters so I'm not to worried about roster size in 7. Also I hate playing on infinite stages, taking out walls and ledges and removing bounding just sounds like a really boring game to me. Also I don't really understand why you would want the simplification of infinite stages or the removal of bounding but still want more meter management.

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Really curious how changing items as Robin is going to work. In addition to the tomes his sword also changes at least once.

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Mustard is gross. But to be fair, I think any sauce that isn't tomato based is gross.

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@starvinggamer: Good games. It took me way longer to get eliminated than I would have guessed.

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@donmfjohnson: I'm free any time after the maintenance is over.

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@bisonhero: I just added you on Battle.net. Let me know what works for you. I'm able to play at just about any time.

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I'm gonna start with the Giant Bomb stream and if (when) that stream breaks I will just go through the streams on Game Spot, IGN and so on until one works.

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@c0v3rt: Still can't believe that I managed to pull out a win in the first game. Good games.