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I'm convinced that without summoning I would still be stuck on the Capra Demon.

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@nodima: I still see non-phone handheld systems getting called "Game Boys" on a somewhat regular basis.

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@dudeglove: The Crash games have aged poorly in my experience. Although they might hold up if you already have a fondness for them.

As for the games that have aged well.

  • Klonoa
  • Xenogears
  • FF9
  • Spyro 1
  • Castlevania SOTN
  • Metal Gear Solid

Except for Spyro, I played all of these for the first time after they had been out for over a decade and they seem to hold up pretty well.

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I just gave it a shot. My strategy of pick anything with "Spell damage +1" and almost no spells that deal damage seemed to work out ok.

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@msavo said:

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@msavo said:

Jeff is at Wendy's. He says the bombcast should be up soon.

He ordered a diet coke, a cheese burger and a 4 piece nugget. Just a heads up.

He wanted a diet Dr. Pepper but they didn't have it. What bullshit.

I love this goddamn website.

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One of the games on sale is the Pre-Order for Metal Gear Rising. That was unexpected.

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@sleepoverking: To be fair me picking bulk up was dumb enough for it not to matter much.

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@sleepoverking: Okay now I'm curious, what was the move you picked by mistake? I'm still kicking myself for High Jump Kicking Mawile in the first round.

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Sorry if i missed it but what planet(s) are people playing on in the server?