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LOL @ all the "couldn't care less" hipster, cool cat comments! I don't have Facebook and I stuck my nose up at Instagram, I don't tweet.

The only thing getting stale is haters who bother posting how little they care.Then buy the game and whine because they get owned by 13 year olds. GTFO! :P

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Its not that my job is bad. Its just that id rather be surfing and hanging out with my dog and friends. I feel like I'm wasting time.

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Have to make stupid insensitive comment. No don't do it! But, but I have to! No must resist!!....meh screw it.



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"Typing Gamespot" click "Gamespot Giantbomb" Boom! "KFC, CAN YOU DIG IT! 3.99"

You know what, I don't think I can. My man crush is just not big enough. But congrats on the money, would have done the same 10/10

*Edit* bring Kasavin to the GB team, now that would make it OK


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"canceled subscription"

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The only bad thing about this game is that it's not getting the attention it should. But then again that makes it even more special to play first. Its a gem.


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It took me 15 minuttes to get into demo. At first it was very generic gears 3 rip off. But then I discovered dismemberment of robots, humor as in self irony, sarcasm and over the top racial stereotypes. And I was Sold.

Off course when I had a French Robot with a red scarf as a teammate I knew the dialog and everything about the story was not meant to be taken seriously. Its a game and a damn good one. If you like old-school type Vanquish, P.N.03 futuristic shooters. I don´t even feel like going back to finish gears 3 now, it just seems to take it self to seriously :P


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"two custom air-sealed containment units for waste." 
 I hope they work. Also how is the box staying connected online? I call bs or at least massive lag....

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I lol'ed  
"Dont worry his Xbox will red ring on him the near second he starts playing it"  = Win