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@Twisted_Scot: You'll get a hat. 
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Looks great!

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So many good movies are mentioned here.  Can't really add a damn thing.   I will just add The Zodiac by David Fincher.  May not be what your looking for, but its so well crafted.  You can't miss with it.
God I love Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz!  Can't wait for the 3rd movie to the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy!

I just wanted to add, about Zodiac.  Assume you know nothing about the case and Just remember how David Fincher(director) loves to slip little things into his movies.  Like in Fight Club.  If you look at the movie really closely, you'll notice some really wild possibilities in how he uses Architecture, background colors with costume colors/personality changes and the fact that he makes everything as accurate to real life as possible.  He even went on his own investigation and talked with everyone evolved.... Then he used 4 different actors to play different parts of the Zodiac..... 
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Don't know if this was mentioned.  But didn't Vinny and Ryan get into how they don't want to use Paypal because of their sketchy charges?  Dave talked a little on that too.
Eh, i don't know.  Could just get on of those pre-pay credit cards from the store.  Greendot.    Those are just like debit cards with a small monthly charge.  Works the same as paying for WoW or XBL time cards and they are Visa so everyone takes them. 

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I agree, I didn't like her much either and thought the combat was sorta lame, generic.  But I turned my video settings all the way up and tuned the audio just for that title and found the adventure great.  
Didn't really pay any attention to the little things, just the big scenery and the atmosphere.   Reminds me of Indiana Jones movies.   Had to watch Temple of Doom afterward. 

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About to start my first play through.  Been spending the last hour or so, tweaking my system settings.  Mostly touching up the audio.  
For a game that seems all about the atmosphere, and less about the combat.  What difficulty setting did you use and why?  How did it effect your play through?
I was thinking, I would spend some time in the menu of my sound system and monitor video settings to make the environment of Dead Space awesomererer.  Then just set the difficulty to easy, so I can just enjoy the ride and blast aliens.
Like a movie.  Aliens to be exact.  I just want to mow down and chop up some necromorphs!  Should Issac be a god or should it be about survival?

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 Topic for sale, over there


Did you see the actor playing Bilbo?  Perfect came to mind.  Think the whole new director thing was hype?
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How do you guys think the Giant Bomb crew chills at the office?  If we could see that long room during lunch, QLs would never be the same.  Well, that is to say, they all get along and spend down-time there.

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But at least I know, in my heart, that they are working on something Great.  It's good to have a site you can trust.

I wub U' Guyz!