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Just finished my first play through.  I had one companion briefly.  The Brotherhood of steel woman.  Veronica?   I let her follow for a while, then walked out into the wasteland.  Shoot her with my combat shotgun using beanbag ammo.  To knock her out.  Crippled one of her legs with my hand gun.  Then waited for her to come to.
She then attempted to attack me, but I kept my distance.  Basically, kited her until some large bugs attacked us causing her to defend herself.   Killing the bugs going for me, I  backed off further and watched as she almost died.  Had to help her to get the kill, then blew her head off as she limped over to me.  
 I tried to get Boone later.  But he got angry at me for making him kill his friend for no reason.  So i cut his head off, then proceeded to slaughter the entire community he had been working so hard to protect.  
Guess you could say, I'm kinda a loner...

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@Six said:
" and Wal-mart was already poised to start selling it in California... not sure if they had the manufacturer and distribution lined up yet, but I am guessing it would ship via FedEx.  And I bet the tobacco companies were hoping it passed.  They have been ready to roll for years. "
Are there a lot of tob. growers in California?  Marijuana is a tropical plant that requires delicate cultivation to flourish.  Can't be easy to just start growing massive amounts or cheap. 
Doubt the islands and Netherlands could fill America's order, if it were to be legalized.  Plus the second Big tobacco gets their hands on it, you'll be buying dried leaves and packed crap that will make Mexican brick look and taste good.  
@Mordukai said:
" Just goes to show that the the all powerful almighty USA is still one of the most closed minded countries in the world. It doesn't matter that if the US government legalize weed and tax then the national debt will be erased in less then three years OHH NO, why would we ever want to do that horrid thing. I am so burnt out of politicians. They are trying to enforce laws and rules and old world mentality on a changing world. WHen will they wake and realize that in order to advance you need to evolve.  "

What are you talking about?  The people voted no.  Not politicians. You can't force evolution.  Prop 19 failing is apart of that evolution. 
Americans wont let Gay marriage pass, and people think Weed is going to get through?  You think dealer prices are bad, wait till the gov. gets their hands in your bag.    
If any of you really cared about the plant, you would vote no too.  If you had any cents you would be glad 19 failed.  But no, your so concerned about getting off and getting high.  You don't even think about what would happen to what you smoke.  Pot would be even more of a drug, when the corporations and gov. control it.  Quality will go down, prices will go way up, selling on the street will have harsher penalties. (home stills)   They will turn it into shit, just to make money. 
Your actually willing to hand something you think is good, over to the very evil that keeps it from you.  Just so you can have it easier.  
Consumerism will destroy the very heart of what you love. 
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No!  The last thing we need is to make another addictive drug easier for kids to abuse.  The people that could actually use it, get it already.  
But I vote no for a bigger reason.  You dumbass potheads don't deserve it!  Grow the fuck up.

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Obviously,  I don't pay.  But you asked, so as a longtime lurker, I am stating. (take note time of post)  Keep in mind, my opinion is in the minority and I haven't seen the payed shows, yet.
It makes sense to open monthly shows up, when your after the bucks.  The awkward tension between Sara and everybody else was funny, especially with Ryan.  Anyone else think the flirting between Brad and Sara is childish?   Aren't they both in relationships?  Maybe I'm jelly.
Anyway.  I liked the show for the most part.  Even if it lacks greatly in real content, and struggles to extend past it's Quick Look source. The conversation with the developers was nice to watch, really liked the video, but I felt it was to much like a mock local cable set up.  I get that your low budget, but I felt you guys had a lot of heart in the beginning.  You were working on something you really felt deeply about.  But every-time I see you live, that feeling seems to decay.
I didn't feel any real connection between your office and the Indi-devs.  They seemed out of place, uncomfortable, and passive aggressive towards Ryan.  IMO, they are making you into the exact thing you claim not to be.  They are forcing you to sell them.  
Now, I like the idea of seeing the in's and out's of indie game development and I think you guys are trying to actually show that.  Just not so sure your conveying that vision to us half-wits very well.  And I imagine its damn hard to do, while not demonizing those kids and trying to make friends at the same time.  Your speaking your poison with two tongues.    (they came off a kids, their real intellectual side was not tapped into.)
Basically, the whole thing was a live Quick Look.  Not bad.  An improvement! Just not something I want to pay for.  Especially when Ryan is constantly plugging the other WM sites and your subscription plan.  Getting the message across is one thing, but it comes off greedy.  I don't want you, to tell me who Will and Norm are, make me want to find out on my own.   I kept expecting a flashing banner at the bottom of my screen.   
I come off harsh and self absorbed, because I care and am. 
It was nice to see less on-air drinking.  There are kids watching, a lot of them, and I'm not going to support reckless drug abuse.  Have fun, do what you want.  But it's wrong to go overboard with to much, too often and then act like its ok in front of children.  Obviously yours and mine definitions of "children"  varies.  But you get my concern.  You have to trip, before you can fall and I don't respect instability.
All in all, your coming along.  I was really hoping Giant Bomb would be more of a mature Vidya community and not just 4chan runoff.  But thats a little bit of my own self delusion and a completely different thread.   But then again, I'm a 30 year old hobby gamer.  I have a set-up, I have a library of "titles."  I game like an adult, who enjoys Vidya.  I get that from you guys, at times... But I'm really not into the vegging on the couch, playin geyms stoooned like a high schooler.    Didn't grow out of it, just added structure and gave it meaning.  Which I see some of, in Giant Bomb. 
To the point, I've been here for 2 years and I don't know shit about any of the crew's rigs.  Accept that Jeff has a Aquos?  Your specs tell me how you experience the worlds you critique.  People experience games in different ways, we game differently and I know that.  Sitting on the couch is very different from sitting in your gaming room.  Whats your audio like, what kind of lighting are you into?  Do you watch the hours or watch the sun rise?    You come off as people who pass those worlds by, while sitting at a desk.   Not asking you to be like me, just want to know where your coming from. 
How serious are you?   More structure  More meaning.  Know your peoples limits.  Maybe these videos are the type of thing, that us the audience, will look back on and laugh.  "Can't believe they were that unprofessional, all over the place."  But where is that 5 year plan.   I don't see Giant Bomb as a fixture in my future.  Because I don't see stability.
Rory said it perfectly, even if I can't quote him perfectly.  "I don't know what I'm doing next week, let along next month."   
But maybe your right.  Maybe there is pattern to the chaos.  


There is to mine and I try to work with it.  Look forward to seeing where you guys go next. 
Edit:  Its about Ryan and Vinny working together.  At the start, we saw mostly Vinnie's videos/production?  That impacted my views of GB.  Now we get to much aggressive Ryan.  He's good at speaking and handing out questions/hosting.   But Vinnie's videos set a pace and tone that isn't concurrent with Ryan's segments.  Along with the site's design.  They clash.    
Then you shoot over to Will and Norm. Desperate Tested.com.  With Sara willing to literally whore herself out for a paycheck.  IMO, WM should let Vinny and Jeff run the show.  Handle Ryan for the team.  Who ever came up with those videos.  They/he has the good stuff and is going to end up somewhere else, if they take that for granted or don't let him shine.    
Your coming off as salesmen, not personalities. The videos add style and flow.  But human interactions are labored and struggling.  A lot of tension in the mix.  Reminds me of that guy that always wanted to hang out, but not smoke the blunt.  Then he just sat there staring and killing everyone's buzz.  
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@NekuSakuraba said:
" I'm Australian. "
Sorry to hear that. But I thought you Kiwi loved a good fright and ale. 
Going to a Halloween Party tonight.  Mostly family and friends.  It's formal, so just going to relax and have a good time.  Cheers OP! 
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Ten D hasn't been cool since they put Foley in their video.  

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You don't "need," you want.  
Why does that bacon have a smoking joint for a dick?  In your avatar.

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Playstaion 3 has no games.

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I am most like Matt Kessler.  Cept he looks way more normal.