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@FluxWaveZ said:
" No.  I usually listen to the rules. "
You can hear the rules?  In your head?  Who's voice are they in? 
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I am going to buy one for my nephew.  He would love that.  Wii is great for kids. They should make them in fisher price primer colors. 

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Yeah whatever man...  I don't give prayer to those who don't deserve it.  You wouldn't understand faith, you can't understand praise.  Its beyond you.  Give me truth and love before you shout out blatant objective ignorance.   While desperately begging for sympathy.  
You can worship sadness and misery all you like.  But you don't need to act Holier than thou, whilst doing it.  
Go christian out somewhere else.  Your not an atheist, no matter how hard you try to hide behind the label  Your whatever's cool.  The easy answer.  You just settled on "No."  Because your to weak to venture out and earn a soul.  So I'll make it simple.  Your last moment will last forever.  How ever sad and pitiful you make it.  So enjoy.   

It's inherited.  And don't come at me with righteous intent.  You threw your own family under the bus in the name of cool.  In the name of being right.  
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@Nardak said:
" Did I miss something or was the last Giant Bomb broadcast only 2 hours long:)?  Having gotten used to 3 hour long broadcasts the 2 hour one seems too short:)  Its like a flavour is missing from you favourite ice cream. "
What is so surprising.  You paid, now GB doesn't care.  Its called selling out. 
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This is why he was removed from the Hobbit trilogy.  For his generic car salesman approach to movies and now gaming.  No doubt the guy has talent, but keep the BS to a minimum.  
Your seriously gullible if you believe any of that spin.   But it is interesting to see how easy it is to market a name to kids. 

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I was expecting the white Will Smith, the movie star.  Didn't seem so far fetched, since he is already into Scientology.

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Awesome!  The shitstorm that is anything Duke Nukem begins!  Let the Fail rain from the sky!

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@blacklabeldomm said:
" Anyone on here wanna sleep with a pornstar? (think about all the dicks they've had before....) "
I read that in Vinny's voice. 
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Eh... Tori Black's early stuff is her only thing worth watching.  She aged fast.   She just does generic dates now. 
Stoya Heat is my number 1. She looks the best in 1080p.  She comes from my home town in NC too. 
   IMO, Jennifer White is the best star to watch at the moment.  She hasn't been eating up by the drugs and shit yet.  Nice and tender.  She is still in the show off point in her career.  So not doing any of the hooker crap, most the stars get into after you know who they are or any of the shock BS you see Belladonna and Grey get into.
I know they are anal girls, but you can tell they're just after the attention now.  Thats it, its just "hey look at this."  Used to be about the pain of pleasure.  Their early videos are still some of the best out there thoe. 

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 The aftermath of a car wreck.  One drunk guy was challenged by 4 teens in a convertible to drag on the main road near my house in Raleigh NC.  The drunk guy swerved into the kids and they flipped.  All 4 died and were dragged under the wreckage for about 30 yards or so.  
I drove by the scene on the way home from a friends house, moments after the cops arrived..  You can imagine the scene.   I was a major pot head, and stopped smoking for over 2 years.
 The drunk driver was let off with probation.  He went on to be in and out of the News, for continuing to drive drunk and getting into trouble.  Fairly sure the kids were drinking too.