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@HandsomeDead said:
" I'd like to Comic her Vine, if you know what I mean. "
No I don't, why don't you assplain it to me kewl guy. 
Babs isn't much to talk too or listen too.  I get the feeling that with out her office hottness, she would be out of there and back on the street.  She's the type of GIRL, that is only into what guys like, so that the guys will be into her.  She's a tool and I need more than that to get off.
Now that Anna chick?  That camera WOMAN for Tested?  Oh yeah babay!  No she has a purpose!  Babs isn't more than a cute smile. 
Also BTW.  Babs is taken boys.  So all those smiles are fake as shit.
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IMO, your wrong.  Thats a massive list of Junk.  Kudos if your into most of those.  But Im not and nothing that interests me is coming out this year.  I am really only into about 2 of those titles.   Just barely.
Nothing is coming out this year.  Which means the last few months of this year.  Thats not much, is it? 

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Well, last night's TNT was pretty boring and lame.  Couple guys sitting on a couch.  Same thing the week before.  What is tonight?  A bunch of guys getting drunk and goofing around?  Why would I pay to sit here and watch that?   Considering this site's current quality of content., I'd have to be either a lame lackey or a real sad case to pay for a sub here.  Just got here and already checking in less and less....  Where are the adults? Where is the Vidya discussion? 
Childish.  Have fun kids. 

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Wow, glad i didn't subscribe today.  They usually mislabel videos and archive them on other sites? 

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I'm a young white male in my 20s, born in the US.  I fucking set.  : )

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Yes, me and some friends are going around as ameican soldiers killed in action.  I got a stuffed puppy to throw at people, my friends got a bunch of fake blood.  Going to be awesome!  

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Nope.  /v only.