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A run for your money 5

 Commander Video in full Stride Bit.Trip Runner is the 4th game in the series of Bit.Trip games from the creators Gaijin Games . It mixes the Music/Rhythm genre with the platformer of the atari 2600 age. You play as Commander Video, the heavily pixelated man that runs through various stages avoiding obstacles and collecting gold bars that add to you score. The goal is to run from one end of the stage to the end without running into anything and trying to get as man...

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Dramatic Finger-Pointing Returns! 6

 Miles Edgeworth, Prosecutor. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is the next in the series of Ace Attorney games which started as GBA titles in Japan before making the jump the DS for a US release. Not much has changed in this one either; you'll find yourself collecting evidence and questioning witnesses to solve a murder mystery in a nearly identical format to the previous games. The gameplay involves you stumbling into a murder case and subsequently solving it in each episod...

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The new combat is fun, but doesn't hold up for 60+ hours 0

 Final Fantasy makes the jump to Real-time battles in this installment. I was skeptical at first about a change in the traditional combat system that made the series for 10 games, but once you give it a chance it can really suck you in. If you disliked the turn-based combat of the previous games this should be a very nice breath of fresh air. Unfortunately Square Enix didn't really test how well this system holds up for the length of the game, which clocks well over 60 hours. About half way thr...

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An extremely epic tale, with some unfinished systems 0

There are certain parts of Xenogears that are beyond anything I've seen (and still haven't) in a video game. But then there are a few things that drag the game down from being the perfect being, and that literally crushes my soul so hard that I cannot ever forgive Square-Enix for rushing this game. I say "ever" because I'm confident they are never going to come back to this franchise and do it right, and that is what is crushing; that I'll never get to experience the true Greatness that this gam...

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